Please help....male dog question.

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Barked: Sun Dec 30, '12 3:31pm PST 
I noticed today that Tyson has a swollen penis tip. It's sticking out and won't go back in. He is intact but we haven't been able to neuter him because he's been having some health issues. I know this happens when they've mated but he hasn't been around any female intact dogs. Please help. We're on vacation and I don't know what to do!!
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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Barked: Sun Dec 30, '12 3:46pm PST 
Sometimes the skin at the end of the sheath gets turned in and traps the tip, especially if there is any longish hair on the end of the sheath. Try sliding the sheath skin toward the base to expose MORE of the penis, then gently "unroll" the tip and slide it back over the penis. Sometimes we need to actually gently pull the hair outward as you let the sheath slid back over the penis tip to unroll it.
Ideally, use some K-Y Jelly or other lubricant on the tip before you slide it back.
Be gentle as it may pinch a bit, so have someone steady his head.
If you can't get it back, try to keep some sort of MILD lubricant on it until you can see the vet for help.
Good luck!

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Where's the- ball!?
Barked: Sun Dec 30, '12 4:48pm PST 
Thank you. Ill pick up some right right.

Ava & Nix

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Barked: Sun Dec 30, '12 7:26pm PST 
Is his boy business swollen like erect, but not fully out? If my boy gets a.. er... "excited" only the tip of his boy business will stick out, but it will be very swollen. His knot will also be noticeable from under the skin. silenced

Usually it takes care of itself, but I've also had to do what Toto described for him, before. If that's what you have to do, you might want to get someone to hold him still while you help him down yonder. Good luck!