Lyme, doxy reaction?

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Over the summer Obi was tested at the vets for heartworm on the SNAP test and we found out he had Lyme. He was asymptomatic but we treated anyway with a month of doxy. Then all through that month he had no appetite, completely lethargic, lost a good 2 lbs. After he got the doxy out of his system he was much better but I worry if he had some sort of reaction to it?

Fast forward.. he gets a tick with a red angry looking bullseye around it. He seems fine but I am going to take him to the vet asap anyway.

My question is, do you think he had a reaction to the Doxy and that I should ask for a different antibiotic? Can anyone think of one that worked well that might suit him better? He is about 17lbs. Should I even treat him? If treated will he still have problems later in life? Any holistic options?thinking

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Unfortunately, this is a common problem with doxy, and doxy is the only antibiotic recommended for Lyme.
We had better luck when we gave the doxy with food AND an antacid like Prilosec. Also, the dose was 2 1/2 pills twice a day for this dog and it was MUCH BETTER when I gave three in the morning and two in the evening...apparently, breaking the pills messed with their protective coating.
Good luck!!

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Chandler's liver values went sky-high after a month of doxycycline to treat anaplasmosis. He also lost his appetite and felt horrible. I ended up home cooking for him until the liver results came in and the veterinarian switched his antibiotic.

Toto, there are actually alternative antibiotics that can work with tick borne diseases. Amoxicillan is commonly used to treat Lyme if a dog cannot tolerate doxy.

Treatment of tick-borne diseases

Obi- dogs do not get the characteristic Lyme "bullseye" rash seen in people. What you saw is another reaction to the tick bite.

Normally I'd suggest that you wait a month and then get the Heartworm/Tick borne disease Snap test done when antibodies would show up if Obi had been exposed to Lyme. However your situation is complicated by Obi's previous exposure to the disease. You might want to consider talking to your vet about an antibody titer or the new Cornell Multiplex test.

Testing for tick borne diseases

Actually, I strongly suggest you examine all of the pages on the Tick-Borne Diseases website that I just linked to twice. They're a really good source of information. Veterinarians often don't treat dogs sufficiently for Lyme and other tick borne diseases; this happened to a friend of mine and her dog now has chronic Lyme.

If you'd like to talk to people who have a lot of experience battling Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, I suggest you join the tick list. They're a group of helpful people that will share their experiences.

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