Crushins disease and high costs

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Barked: Thu Dec 27, '12 2:19pm PST 
Our dog has been diagnose with crushins disease. I can not afford the medications from vet. Is there any alternatives?


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Do you mean Cushing's Disease?

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I don't know what meds are used for Cushing's but sometimes dogs can use the exact same meds people use and better yet, many pharmacies have lists of cheap generic meds for about $4 I think. You could ask the vet to write a prescription and go to pharmacies to see if any of them are on that list. You could also shop online from trusted sites, not just anywhere.

It would take some effort to research and shop and I don't know if any are available or not but it could help.


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This is a good site for lots of information about Cushings, including different methods of treatment. http://www.kateconnick.com/library/cushingsdisease.html At one point in the article, Anipryl is mentioned. There is a holistic alternative to Anipryl called Cholodin, which may be more reasonably priced. Whether either of these would be helpful though, really depends on the type of Cushings that your dog has.