Tear Stains?

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Never had to deal with these before, but Ark has tear stains. I've been wiping the goop away.. But don't know what else. Is it because hes allergic to something (I have him on raw now, but at the foster home he was on Puppy Chow confused) ?

He also has fleas.. Its weird though, cause Nare and the cats don't have them, and they're not on any flea prevention (I always figured their raw diets kept them away). I'm willing to put some on Ark if its safe.. That being said, is Comfortis safe for puppies?
Ark is 10lb and 9 weeks

Thank youu~
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comfortis and triflexis are safe for puppies. go see your vet for that one. idk what to do about the tear stains

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For starters, go see your vet. You never know there may be foreign objects lodged inside your dog's eyes which is why he produces those tears. As for the removal of the stains, it varies.

You can moisten a clean cloth with room temperature, or slightly warmer, water. You can also use a weak saline solution or lemon juice mixture instead of water. Wring the cloth out before wiping your dog's eyes. Hold your dog's head still and gently wipe the stained area around his eyes. Avoid the eye itself, as saline and lemon solutions can sting your pet's eyes.


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The vets says its all 'normal'. While it is common in many dogs, I do not believe it to be normal, at the same time we haven't really found a great vet.

I'll try some saline solution-- theres stuff you can put in the dogs food / water that is supposed to clear it up, but that just masks the problem. I want to eliminate it lol.

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I haven't had this problem with a dog, but a friend with a white Persian cat says that baby powder applied gently on a moist cotton bud is a help, but please make sure it is baby powder and not perfumed talc, which will cause irritation.
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I have to agree, goop coming from the eyes is not normal. A board certified ophthalmologist will be able to tell you if it is just cosmetic, like my eyes or if you need treatment.(a good vet will give you a referral, mine did)

My conformation is such that my eyes don't drain through the ducts as they should, it is a mild birth defect and doesn't cause me any distress. Turned in lashes would be a different story.

Good luck.
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Ark, did he have a lot of fleas??? Often they congregate around the eyes to drink the tears and leave lots of staining there. Once the fleas are gone the problem resolves on its own.

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Barked: Wed Dec 26, '12 7:24pm PST 
Could be a detox reaction from switching to the raw.

Certainly think its worth a vet check if you are nervous, but I'd be curious to see where he was after a couple more weeks with you on the raw (once he has all the junk from the foster 100% out of his system).

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If your cats go outside,, they brought in the fleas. You may have gotten fleas from the puppies previous home too.
To play it safe Id treat everyone in the house for fleas for a few months to prevent an infestation!

Get a second opinion on the eyes.

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Do you feed any veggies with raw or treats with grain in them?
also, have you checked for entropion?