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Barked: Wed Dec 26, '12 12:28pm PST 
Thank you! way to go

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Barked: Wed Dec 26, '12 10:29pm PST 
Make sure you get a variety: Crunchy and soft. The soft will be good for training, and the crunchy will help clean teeth.

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Barked: Sun Jan 20, '13 10:54am PST 
My name is Max. I'm already one year old. Mom's been realizing that I have been acting really dominant and trying to attack bigger dogs. Mom doesn't know why so is it possible that someone can tell me? wink balloons


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Barked: Sun Jan 20, '13 12:15pm PST 
Max, I'd recommend posting in the Behavior & Training forum, and adding more detail to your question. When does he go after other dogs? On leash? Off leash? On walks? At the dog park? Is he okay with dogs he knows and only attacks strange dogs? How close do the other dogs have to get before he attacks? Does he growl first, or just go straight to the attack? Does it matter if the dog is male or female, intact or neutered? Is he neutered? What does the attack look like? Has he actually injured another dog? Information like that will make it a lot easier for folks in the B&T forum to give you advice.

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I do not think it is ever to early to start training the dog. Make it fun at first. Give him a reward for everything he does. He will start to pick up on things real fast if you make it a game. Also remember about your breed of dog. They like to follow scents with their nose, and can get so focused on this that they do not hear anything else. Teaching them to come when called is a big deal for them.
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