Has anyone had problems with their pet getting cancer after taking Revolution?

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I am curious if there are other pet owners who have used Revolution and had to put their animals down at a young age due to developing cancer. I had two Labradors purchased from different places that were two years apart in age that both developed cancer at the age of seven. After doing some research I feel the common link was the change in flea medication, Revolution. One lab began having seizures within two weeks after I changed the medication. He ended up passing two years later from bone cancer. I recently put down my other lab after she began having issues with her hind legs. After further tests were done, she had cancer as well. Thinking back, she had suffered from leg tremors and over salivated. I find it strange that two unrelated dogs were both are diagnosed with cancer at the age of seven. I feel this medication is toxic and would love to hear if others have had issues as well.

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no. and this is pretty incendiary. labs are cancer prone, and 7 is late middle age in that breed of dogs, and just like humans in late middle age, they develop cancer and other age related diseases. There may be dogs with averse reactions to Revolution. If iI remember right, tremos are one of the adverse reactions, and in that case it should have been discontinued and an alternatave would have to be figured betweenyou and the vet. Cancer is something else. It could have half a thousand reasons, 99% of which are probably coincidence with the time frame, and 70% of the reasons are probably genetic. Basically, rather than say selamectin is toxic you should talk with your vet about it. That is the reason there is more than one drug to treat the same issues. I am sorry you lost your dogs, but revolution is a safe alternative to flea meds and heartworm. Those of us that can't treat our dogs with ivermectin have little choice until novartis gets its act together and returns sentinel and interceptor to he market.

just because you changed the meds doesn't mean that the meds are at fault. It could be coincidence. Foxxy is on revolution because she is allergic to ivermectin and she hasn't had a single problem with selamectin.

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Foxxy is correct. There is no evidence that Revolution caused your dogs cancer. I am sorry that you lost your dogs, but it is false logic to say I used Revolution and my dogs got cancer, therefor Revolution causes cancer.

That is like saying I used a pink leash and my dogs got cancer, pink leashes must cause cancer. Any number of reasons could have been to blame, and as Foxxy stated, some breeds are cancer prone.


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There is a reason they are referred to as "lumpy labs" in the veterinary world. They are tumor factories second only to boxers.

Cancer does what it wants, and it can appear at any age. We recently had a 6 year old pibble with Lymphoma. We've had a 5 year old ST. Bernard' with bone cancer. We had a 9 year old lab/dane cross with cancer. My own lab/catahoula got a very rare lung cancer and then an unrelated brain tumor on top of it at 13. He was so healthy otherwise that he could probably have made it to 18 without problem.

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My collie mix is on Revolution with no problems, and has been on it for a long time. It's true what they say about Labs. They are cancer prone. I'm sorry for your loss, but I highly, highly doubt it happened due to the Revolution.

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I have bred and owned labs for the last 40+ years. I have only ever had ONE lab with Cancer and he was 15!!! Of all the pups I have sold, only one person has ever had one that got cancer as well, except for TWO young (7 yo.) males who both had lymphoma... turns out they were exercised every single day on a golf course that used Dursban, in addition to many other known carcinogens. Since the dogs were on the course before it opened, they were always running in the wet grass, then licking their feet dry, directly ingesting these pesticides and fertilizers.
Their oncologist vet didn't have any problem blaming the chemicals and pesticide exposure as being causative in their cases, especially when their owner was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
I agree, Golden retrievers DO have a higher rate of cancer but no research I have read indicates Labradors suffer the same fate.