Kira has hydrocephalus

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Hello! My name is Jessica and I am a doggy mommy to two doxies, Cooper (my 16 lb shaded cream boy) and Kira (my 7 lb black and cream girl).

Unfortunately, Kira drastically changed behavior at the beginning of November. She went from spunky, cuddly, loving, and silly to restless, no longer wanting to play, no longer giving affection, and uncomfortable. After several trips to the Vet she has been diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. They have determined that it is congenital and she is going to need a surgery to place a shunt to drain the excess fluid from around her brain/spine to her abdomen.

I have been searching high and low for other dogs who have had this surgery and have yet to find anything! I am so unbelievably nervous about the outcome and wanted to find success stories to boost my confidence.

Also, we are raising money for her surgery since it is so expensive. Her mommy and daddy have spent their entire savings diagnosing her illness, and are unable to pay for the surgery alone. We would so appreciate if people could share her story!


There is a lot more info about her on there as well as pictures! big hug
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I've heard that some dogs do well with that surgery. Have you looked into care credit? That maybe helpful. Also some vets take payments. Good luck and keep us posted.