Urinating a lot.. Trouble?

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My dog has been urinating an abnormal amount. He's potty trained and will usually hold it and wait at the door until we let him out, but lately he has been walking to the door and pacing back and forth and if we don't get to him soon he'll pee. I just let him out almost 4 times in an hour and he peed once inside, and he pees while walking sometimes too. The size of the puddles are usually pretty big, but lately they've been small and frequent. Any suggestions on what it is?

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It means you need to get him checked by the vet for things as simple as a urinary infection, to as complicated as renal failure to diabetes.
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I agree with Tuck. You really need to get him checked by a vet. Good Luck and please keep us posted.

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I agree...you may want to bring a urine sample with you too. They will probably do bloodwork and test the urine to see if you have a urinary tract infection. If it's something else, they may check for that too.

have you noticed whether you are drinking more? if so, you will want to let the vet know that too. More than likely it's a UTI

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There could be a lot of things going on here. Your dog needs diagnostic testing to reveal what is going on. Your dog needs to see a veterinarian. Your dog obviously has a problem. This is not normal. I suspect a urinary tract infection. Because of their anatomy, females are more susceptible to urinary tract infections than males. Females have a short urethra. Young dogs also do not have fully developed immune systems and cannot fight off infection as easily as older dogs. Bladder infections are very irritating to the bladder wall. This is my theory, but there could be something else going on. Bladder stones can also cause bladder irritation. In an older dog, I would suspect a hormone imbalance. This is very serious. Some dogs suffer from psychogenic polydypsia. These dogs usually have very neurotic owners.