Slipped disc possibly, does my dog have to have surgery?

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Barked: Wed Nov 28, '12 3:44pm PST 
Hi everone, unfortunatley it appears my dog slipped a disc in her neck. She started showing signs of pain monday night but by tuesday morning was in a lot of pain. I brought her to the Veterinary Medical Center of long island yesterday around 12:45 they checked her out and said she probably has a slipped disc, they gave her 3 meds. the first being tramadol for the pain, 2nd being gabapentin for pain i think and the 3rd being prednisone for anti inflammatory i believe. we came home and she got her first meds at 5:30, she was sleeping all night and still restless and in pain. We woke up this morning and she seemed so much better, she ate, walked around the house a little and pooped and peed. She than got her 3 meds again at 9:30 am by 11:30 am she was in bad pain again. So I brought her back to the Center. They said she should get a cat scan and have surgery which would cost around $5500. I have the money to spend for this but I am hesitant bc she has only been on the meds for 24 hours and I feel it is not enough time to assess the meds response. I declined the surgery and catscan and brought her home. I picked up a crate and now have her laying in it and she just got her last dose of meds at 5:30 pm. I am hoping that the bed rest and meds will do the trick. The good news is the DR. said she does not think it is in her back or there will be neuro damage. I have heard of a lot of complaints about this place over charging and only wanting to make money. I just want Savannah to be healthy.. Does anyone have experience with this situation?
Peter Parker

King Peter- Parker
Barked: Wed Nov 28, '12 4:07pm PST 
hello. i just had surgery for peter on a calcified/ruptured disc in his neck c2-3. it has been approx one month. he is doing great now but still doing his 6 weeks post op crate rest. i had the done surgery on halloween. neck discs often times are more painful and 100% strict crate rest in combination with the meds is a must. what is your dosage of each med? is this your first episode? peter had his first episode in april that quickly healed with prednisone and tramadol. approx 1.5 weeks. now fast forward to october and his second episode was much worse and we tried the meds again for approx 2 weeks with no improvement so surgery was the best option. sometimes it does take 6-8 weeks of conservative treatment to see results so you will need to weigh out what the best option is for you. i could not wait that long this time because peter was in pain and i felt going the conservative route with the meds was not working. as far as price $5500 does seem high. we paid approx $3700 and it included the mri, surgery, 3 day stay in the hospital, meds and all follow up appointments. prices range depending on area it seems.
are you also giving a tummy protector such as sucralfate? pred is very harsh on the tummy and is known to cause tummy issues. gabapentin is also a strong med.
i am not sure what to say as far as surgery. only you know your dog so you may want to wait to see if the pred can bring the inflammation down. if he is still in pain despite giving tramadol and gabapentin i would talk to my vet about surgery. it also depends on how many mgs you are giving. is the gabapentin in liquid form? and how many mgs are you giving of each med? i am sorry you are going through this. i know how you feel and it was a really rough going through for me and having to also maintain my house, husband, ect.. hoping the best for youhug