Double Merle puppy from non-merle parents

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Barked: Thu Nov 29, '12 12:00pm PST 
Double merle is possible in this situation.

If the tan/white colouring of the parents was a result of the "E" locus (aka "Recessive Red" as Cobain is), then the merle gene would be masked.
In the event of the recessive red colouring, eumelanin production is inhibited and only phaeomelanin is produced in the hair follicles.

The merle gene effects only eumelanin. So because there would be no eumelanin to alter, there would be no visible merle effect in a heterozygous merle.

Double merle however would override the masking gene.

This is why when merle and recessive red appear in the same breed, they shouldn't be bred together unless the genetic lineage is well known.

More info here: http://homepage.usask.ca/~schmutz/merle.html

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Barked: Thu Nov 29, '12 12:05pm PST 
I have heard of supposedly non Merle parents producing Merle puppies, and it turned out that the sure or dam had a VERY tiny, hardly visible patch of merling somewhere on the body that was so small and in an area that it was not noticed before, or the only merle spo was covered by the dog's white markings. So it could be possible that both parents may genetically be merle but just not noticeably...
Here is a page with some examples of dogs with very small amount of Merle coloring:

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Barked: Fri Nov 30, '12 1:36am PST 
First off, I would like to apologize for posting under a different account. I registered yesterday and mis-typed my e-mail address. I starting adding my family before verifying it. Long story short, I couldn't access my last account and had to make a new one...Oops!

Anyway, a double merle is a dog that has two copies of the merle gene. A double merle can only happen when both parents are merles. Most of the time, but not always, double merles have hearing problems. Eye defects are also common, too. Some will have an irregularly shaped pupil. Although, this doesn't always mean that there is vision problems. Corectopia is the condition in which a pupil is mishappen and causes vision problems. Microphthalmia is the most common eye defect seen in double merles. However, both of these conditions rarely progress, so a puppy is born with the condition and lives without for their entire life, never getting worse. Double merles are more likely to have defects with their eyes then dogs of any other color. However, there are a good number of merle dogs out there with eye problems that do not have two copies of the merle gene. But, not all double merles have eye problems! Vision and eye problems are the only problems you have to worry about when having a double merle dog. Most double merles come from bad breeders. It happens when uninformed breeders breed two merles together, not knowing that about half of the puppies will end up being double merles and may end up being blind or deaf.


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Barked: Fri Nov 30, '12 11:44am PST 
Thanks for the info guys the breeder in question didn't even show me the dam he only showed me the sire who was tan and white I only saw him for two seconds as the breeder met us outside with the puppy so couldn't tell you if the sire had any merle on him for all know the dam could have been a double merle herself.

In any case this breeder has been reported to the Alberta spca as the breeders informed me that they had at least one puppy who looked like mine in every litter for the past several years but he didn't tell me that until after I brought her to the vet for shots and to ask about a few things I have already asked the breeder for my money back he said no problem you have two options keep the puppy and she lives a happy life with you or take her back to me and I will give you a refund but will have the puppy put to sleep!Well as you may imagine that did not sit with me well especially since I have two special needs children and that doesn't mean you can just kill them because of it I was so mad at the breeder.

Anyway as for her size the breeder who is also a big fat liar said sire was 6 pounds and dam was only 4.5 well puppy was 4.5 pounds at her last visit when she was 13 weeks old so there is no way that is possible but i dont mind I am not really into teacup puppies anyway my last chihuahua was 12 pounds but crossed with a min pin and he was perfect size for me.

Anyway that is all for now thanks again for all the info guys in any case we are keeping puppy and will take care of her as if she was our own child just because is deaf and blind doesn't make her different just makes her all that more special. Now I don't agree with these double merle breeding I am just yuiglad she found US because not many people would keep her but since 4 out of my 6 family members have some type of disability she fits in very well and could not have chose a better family and we will always love her and promise to educate ourself as well as others about this double merle breeding as there was another Lady on kijiji selling Chihuahuas and both parents were merled.

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Gucci can you please p mail me the breeders name and location. I have friends that want to knowwink
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