dew claws

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is it okay to remove the back dewclaws on my miniature dachshound? she keeps catching them on my indoor/outdoor carpet..
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I would consult your vet on that. Good Luck!
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Removing dewclaws DOES hurt... it is amputating the entire toe!! There is a fairly long recovery period when the dog must wear an e-collar to prevent chewing and removing the sutures.
A less invasive alternative is to have the nails trimmed by a groomer every 6 weeks or so... MUCH cheaper, too!!!!

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My uncle's dog had only one dew claw on his back leg & he had it removed while the dog was under having him neutered. Vet didn't charge him for the removal. So, since they have to be *put under*, you might wanna do it at the same time as a dental cleaning or a spay/neuter. Also his dog was not bothered at all, he had one stich in the leg. No E-collar needed either, even with the neuter, he acted like nothing even happened.shrug

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I had a floppy rear dew claw, by 6 months, I had snagged it many times on carpet and blankets, had both removed while under for neuter. no E-collar. sore a few days
both mom and my vet thought it was a wise thing to avoid an emergency visit

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rear dewclaws are usually not attached by anything but skin. Most vets will remove them unless it's a breed feature, like with great Pyrenees. It's the front ones that should not be removed.

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I had a floppy loose dew claw on a front leg. Weird, it was removed when I was spayed and I never noticed.

If, on the other hand, the dew claws are attached by bone, it is a bigger deal to remove and should be weighed carefully before going ahead.

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Our puppy has dew claws also when I asked she siad they would only remove them at the time she gets spayed as they need to be under anastetic to get them removed and can only remove them if they are NOT attached by bone she is lucky they are not so she will just need to wait until she gets spayed in a few months to have them removed.

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one of my rear was attatched. one floppy. both were removed.

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I had them removed from one dog years ago, the vet warned me he may be in great pain. But my boy was up and running in no time. But I do agree , talk to the vet first.