Boxer in trouble. Please help.

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Hi, I did a few searches so I wouldn't be duplicating a thread but I came up short. The truth is I have no idea what to search for. My family dog is a female boxer born in 2006. She has been experiencing lameness in her back legs and needs help to pee because she can't walk. She doesn't seem to be in pain. Yesterday she started to pant really hard then released a LOT of fluid. Not seepage but like she'd peed but it wasn't pee. She did it again this morning. She had this problem back in 2008 but not to this degree and the fluid released was not as great in volume and my parents thought she'd just peed. We're realizing now it wasn't. After the fluid was released last time she was better within a few hours. Back to normal. This time she's not bouncing back. Both times they took her to the vet and they don't seem to know what's wrong with her. My family lives in a very rural part of FLA and their local vet is good but not great. They are going to travel to bring her somewhere else on monday but I wanted to reach out and see if MAYBE anyone knows what this is. The vet gave her a steroid shot and antibiotics but she's not eating much so it's tough to get her to take them. I am, unfortunately, 1500 miles away from this situation so if you have any further questions I may not be able to answer them right away. Please help if you know anything.

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One detail I didn't get right. Last time this happened in 08 she didn't get better right away. It took a few months for her to be at 100%

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hug for you. I have no advice, but will bump you back to the top & hopefully someone may be able to help you

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What kind of tests did the first vet do? Blood work? Urinalysis? X-rays? We really do need more information.

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My Lab Trigger does this when his Lyme disease flares, it's due to decreased kidney function/failure.

It is urine, just doesn't seem like that because when the kidneys are failing they don't/can't concentrate urine. The output appears to be just water of some sort, but it's not. It's about as clear a sign that something is wrong with the dogs kidneys as one can get.

Without proper treatment decreased renal function/failure will cause permanent organ damage (to the heart additionally as it'll throw sodium and potassium levels all out of whack very quickly) and death won't be far behind.

I cannot repeat enough.....failure to produce actual urine instead of just water output from the bladder is a serious sign of acute kidney failure. The longer you wait to seek treatment the more severe kidney damage will be. There is no way to reverse kidney damage once it's done, you can only treat the cause of the illness from that point on.

You really need to get her into a vet asap. Tomorrow may be too late as the excessive panting is an indicator she may already be in congestive heart failure due to the strain on and damage done to the kidneys.