Running with a "senior" dog

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I've been wanting to take Chewy jogging/running with me, but i was wondering if it's okay to run with an older dog. He's a Lab and is over 100 pounds. He just completed his diet coming down from a weight of 109.8 pounds. I put him on the diet so it wouldn't be as much stress on his joints as he's getting older. He's really lean now, his ribs are slightly seen and easily felt and his waist is small.

Now that he's dropped a few pounds he has even more energy as well and I've been considering taking him with me when I go running. I also think the running would help put some more muscle on him since over the summer he wasn't getting walked or doing as much and got a little soft.

So is it okay to take him running even though he's technically a senior? Or should I just stick to long walks? He loves to run and still has the energy of a young dog, the only thing that has changed is that he's starting to get grey on the muzzle.

If I do run him whats the best schedule to keep? Can I take him everyday or only do it a few times a week?

Opinions and advice are appreciated. Thank you. smile
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I'm sure you can take him running as long as he's healthy. I would start off with short runs and extend them over time. You don't want to take him on a 3 mile run when he hasn't been used to it. The same with the frequency. Oh, also, when ever possible, try to have him run on the ground instead of the street or side walk. It's easier on his joints. Kali's a senior and we take her on short hikes in the White Mountains. She loves it. A short hike in the white's is between 3 and 5 miles round trip. But, we worked her up to that. Good luck!
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Not all dogs are created equal. If you've got a old-puppy who's got the energy of a 2 yr old you can let him run! As long as they're healthy, it's fine. As long as he can run, run!smile


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Trigger will be 8 in March, and he runs with me pretty regularly. He's got some joint issues due to lyme disease but keeping active seems to actually help him keep mobile and pain free. He missed last hunting season entirely because he was hurting so bad, but this year we've been out tons and he's had no problems running and and keeping up all day long.

That said, he doesn't weigh anywhere close to 100lbs. When conditioned to the core he *maybe* pushes 75. Off season weight is more like 70. I would definitely not run an 8 year old Lab who weighed 100lbs. Walking or swimming, anything very low impact would be your best bet. It's not an issue of can you, as I'm sure he'd likely go along with the activity, it's an issue of should you. The unseen damage you'd be doing could be devastating.

And that's not to say he should never run around. Retrieving on natural turf for short stints, him going at his own pace, while offering lots of water could be great for his mind and body.....but going for miles on tar or pavement, the repetitive motion, at your set pace, heck even just going around the block that way, would very likely be damaging for him based on the way he's built and the age he is.

It would not be worth the risk to me.
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I started rollerblading with Sanka when he was 9. He would go every morning and could go for miles pulling me! It wasn't until this year (he's 12) that he couldn't run with me rollerblading much. I've still had some occasions this year where he was feeling great and wanted a good run, so I strapped on the blades and went. He sets the pace and definitely does not pull me. Can't go as far as he used to either, but he does enjoy a good run every now and then.

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Thanks for the responses.

He enjoys running so much and he's not overweight to cause extra stress on the joints. Very lean now. I do agree and I wasn't sure/worried because of his age and overall size. I don't have anywhere to take him swimming, unless we go the beach or a lake which is about an hour or 2 away, but now the weather is getting colder.

I walk him about 1-2 hours a day, and lately that hasn't really been enough for him now that it's getting colder. He loves the cold. He also doesn't have any joint issues either, but I'm trying to prevent those as well.

I don't want to do any damage to him.

Would a good jog around the block be okay a few times a week? When I'm jogging he's going at more of a fast paced walk/trot. Or even just short runs through the park? Sometimes he thinks he's a race horse and tries to do a full on sprint and I have to slow him down. laugh out loud

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If he likes to run with you, then a jog or two around the block would probably be great for him. good Luck!

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I think I would be careful running a dog that is just getting back into shape. I think a better idea is to do a combination if walk and run. Labs are big dogs and forced running can be hard on joints