Poor dog has chf can't breathe is he suffering?

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I have a Pomeranian 9 1/2 years old he has chf and a heart murmur, took him to the vet and they said he had an enlarge heart and fluid in his lungs. He is on lasix half tab every 12 hours and also is on enailpril half tab a day. He was diagnosed 2 months ago. Since the medication he has been doing great up until 2 days ago. He had trouble breathing sounds like he is choking gasping for air. It gets so bad that he passes out does a really frightening scream lays limp for about 30 seconds to a minute then comes to, breaths really fast then has labored breathing he is dizzy as he comes to then just lays there. I recently increased his lasix to 2 whole pills a day hoping it drains the liquid from his lungs. I'm not sure what else is there I can do for my dog I feel so helpless I,ve taken him to the er vet a couple times but they don't do nothing but offer oxygen for him. Worst cases are usually in the morning and last throughout the day. Is there a chance he won't come to one of these times when he passes out? Is there anything I can do to help him recover, Drain the liquid faster? He currently eats boiled chicken and veggies like carrots n a bit of apple. I carry him up and down stairs and no longer walk him, I carry him to the park sometimes let him down to do his business and pick him right up after. I noticed to when he gets excited he has trouble breathing its very hard to control his excitement. Please I dont want to lose my dog I love him very much, if there is any tips suggestion what I can do to help him through the gasping choking or anything aT all please let me know

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Keeping him as calm as possible,keeping his head elevated and possibly asking the vet about other medications are really the best thing you can do.
When he stops eating and is obviously no longer enjoying life it will be time,as difficult as it is to let go. I know what you are going through and how difficult it is,I lost my Mattie to CHF which led to multi organ failure and was left with no choice but to allow her a slow painful death of a week or more or to let go that day at the vet. We chose to let her go. Be strong and enjoy your pup as much as you can for as long as possible but also know that they will let you know when they no longer have the strength or wish to fight for another day.hugwishes

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I hope it is not too late to respond. My dog died on January 10, 2013. He was in four meds twice a day. The cardiologist told me he had two years max to live once diagnosed. He had a vitral valve problem. CHF...enlarged heart...you know the symptons. Don't medicate him on your own. He died gaspin for air after fainting for the last time. He relieved himself and choked..couldn't make it to the vet clinic on time...he had eaten, played and walked fine all day. Coughed a little but the vet had assured me he was not in pain and was not time to put him to sleep. I didn't. At least he died in my arms and I know he is in heaven. Seeing him die though was very painful. Tell him how much you love him and is ok to go at the end...he'll understand. Wanda