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Dragon - Adopted

Barked: Thu Jul 19, '12 5:57pm PST 
i was supposed to go to the vet on Saturday as I also have flea bite dermatitis but my owner had to let one of her kitties cross the rainbow bridge with the vet. (tho that pesky 3 legged kitty is still here sometimes)

but anyway, Frontline doesn't work for any of us, Advantage and Advantage II works for the kitties, but not me, I got SICK on Adams,

my owners don't know what to do (they are taking me to the vet, don't worry - it's gonna have to wait til next paycheck when I go in for the rest of my shots)

Til then, I am getting benadryl (vet said it's ok) and Flea Baths and Garlic (the garlic seems to be helping a bit)

but what flea med do you recommend. The fleas are vicious around here! (Florida)
Nakita Mae- Angel Girl

Live to dock- dive!
Barked: Thu Jul 19, '12 9:45pm PST 
Are you treating the house and yard? Unfortunately, you have to treat the enviroment and all the pets. Have you heard of FleaGo, this is for the carpets by dehydrating the eggs and cacoon stage of the fleas so you don't have new fleas hatching out, it is safe and non-toxic.
I am using Mercola Healthy Pets flea products, non-toxic and they seem to be working for my dogs and cats, you do have to spray them on more frequently but they can be used in conjunction with Frontline or Advantage.
I have used this product for over 2 yrs now, it works great for mosquitos and ticks too, oh, and biting flys. I even spray it on myself when we are camping to keep those dang mosquitos off.
I hope you find something that works but I do know if you don't treat the enviorment you won't get rid of the fleas.

Pocket Wolf
Barked: Thu Jul 19, '12 11:55pm PST 
I hear florida is near impossible. One of the secrets I was told was to take some of that nasty pyrethrin collars and cut them into bits, or use the old flea powder and put it in your vacuum bag or canister. That will kill off the fleas and eggs that you suck up. do it every day. don't give your dogs stuffed toys, wash the ones you give with soap, wash the bedding every day. Get your lawn treated. A pest control company should be able to do this.

don't bathe your dog too often. the oil in a dog's skin will help stop bites, and bathing will wash out the drug in advantix if you are using soap. You can use neem oil for fleas, I hear it helps a lot.

Josie- *Forever in- Our Hearts*

Happy to work
Barked: Fri Jul 20, '12 2:58am PST 
All the recommendations above are great. Also I have heard that fleas dont like citrus based shampoos and sprays. My friend in FL had a huge flea issue about 1 month ago, she took all the pets to the vet at the same time and the vet gave them a pill called capex, it kills fleas in acouple hours. While she was at the vet with the pets she had an exterminator at her house to flea bomb the home and kill the ones in the yard. She stayed overnight at a friends house with the pets and then brought the pets home. She hasnt had an issue since. She switched to using revolution for her pets because she, like you, could not find a flea med that worked. So far she hasnt had any more flea issues...
Kali earned- her wings- 10/21/14

She's game for- anything that's- fun.
Barked: Fri Jul 20, '12 5:19am PST 
I had fleas, so I treated my dogs with Advantix (although, I don't think you can use that if you have cats). I also sprayed my house with flea spay and then shampooed my carpets a few hours later. I've been vacuuming everyday, including all the corners and giving my dogs a bath once a week. So far, I haven't seen any. I don't live in Florida, so maybe it was easier for me to get rid of them.

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Fri Jul 20, '12 6:20am PST 
Actually the regular Advantage is safe for cats and many people have found that as long as the cats and dogs don't groom each other that Advantix is safe as long as it is dry before they interact. Before all of those wonderful new things came out,we used to vacuum constantly,put knee-hi's full of cedar chips under the couch cushions,flea powder in the vacuum,or as others suggested bits of cut up flea collar, If you can not have a professional company spray the yard Ortho has a product that works as well called Home Defense Max. We used it this year with great sucess. Instead of the Benedryl we also found that our last Akita Mix (Allergy Queen)did much better on Sulfadine(Sp) spray and Chlorpheniramine tablets one every 6-8 hours. Hope it helps.hug
Dragon - Adopted

Barked: Fri Jul 20, '12 12:40pm PST 
we don't have carpet OR a yard (we live in a mobile home park - so we 'share' a yard) but my owners are going to spray the furniture I lay on. They will also ask the vet about that pill. See if that works!

I hate pesky fleas. Lucky cats. THEY don't have them
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!!
Barked: Sat Jul 21, '12 3:29am PST 
"Lucky cats. THEY don't have them"

However, if you are NOT treating the cats, they are certainly a good part of the problem. As a groomer, I see cats (and dogs) every single day, covered with fleas and their owners have absolutely no idea they have them because they are not sensitive to the flea bites and are not constantly itching/chewing themselves raw.
Usually we use a flea comb to show the owner the problem BEFORE grooming so they aren't convinced their pet GOT the fleas from us! When we bathe the pets we find millions of fleas, in spite of their owners insistance that there are NO fleas on them.
In too many cases the owners do not treat the cats or the dogs believing they don't have any fleas. Trust me, if one does, the other does as well!
Dragon - Adopted

Barked: Sat Jul 21, '12 7:04pm PST 
The cats are being treated. Every month same time. I get treated too but they stay on me. This weekend the humans are gonna flea treat the furniture and my bed. As well as talk to the vet about that pill. With the garlic n Benadryl my hair is starting to come back! Mommy feels bad she couldn't take me last weekend but the kitty needed it more.

Oh boy!- Ohboyohboyohboy!
Barked: Sun Jul 22, '12 4:07am PST 
I use Revolution, and it works really well. Chase has an allergy to fleas so if she gets bit we know about it.
But she's always at the beach, around other dogs, and in the forest and she hasn't had a flea or tick this season.
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