Epilepsy and tick/flea prevention

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Zoey seized on Frontline the last two times I gave it to her, the only reason it happened twice is my vet SWORE frontine couldn't be responsbile for the seizing. Yeah, a week after giving it to her I was able to reduce her meds to normal levels (after a med load) . My vet refused to allow me to get any other tye of prevention as 'frontline was the safest', really?
Zoey has had epilespy all her life. My question is, are there any other preventives out there that she can take that are frontline. We live in rural NE NJ (yes NJ does have alot of rural areas laugh out loud)
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fline is a common cause of seizures in herding breeds. I have three friends that breed australian shepherds and they all use all natural flea and tick treatments so that they don't have to worry about the potential for seizures.

Google all natural flea and tick control. There are tons of products out there that are plant based and safe rather than chemical based.