Licking, Gulping, Panting at Night -- Solved

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Barked: Fri Aug 30, '13 5:32am PST 
Update. Koorazh continues to have this problem. There seem to be two sets of symptoms.

1. Fast breathing with a hard exhale; licking, gulping, unable to settle. He is uncomfortable but not distressed. His nose runs clear.
2. Koorazh comes to me to tell me something is wrong and want reassurance. Then we get periodic episodes of really heavy panting all night, and sometimes rear end spasms. He shows signs of distress.

These things happen separately or together and that was confusing me for a while, but I think they are two different things.

Group 1 symptoms seem to be seasonal. That is, they get much worse around August and continue bad until about November or December. I suspect some form of environmental allergy. I have tried Benadryl, but it doesn't do anything.

Group 2 symptoms -- no idea. It seems to correspond with what some people have said looks like partial seizures, or it could be that he tweaked his back running or jumping. He has had spinal xrays and a MRI, both came back clean. May be connected with overeating.

What have we tried? Prescription allergy diet; heavy duty antibiotics; heavy duty gas reducers; antihistimines (Benadryl); switched foods; switched to homemade diet and controlled portions strictly; did a complete dental work up; scoped his sinuses (showed one sided inflammation for no obvious reason).

Group 2 symptoms are more episodic and we haven't had any more since switching to homemade. These things all happen *only at night* and of course never in the presence of a vet. We just had a bad night last night -- all night, licking, gulping, shifting around; gone by 4 am, breathing quietly.

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Barked: Fri Aug 30, '13 9:33pm PST 
I have two thoughts. First one is, have you tried any medication for nausea? Just because he isn't vomiting, doesn't necessarily mean he isn't feeling nausea when he is uncomfortable. You could ask your vet if you could try something like Cerenia or Ondansetron. If it works, it will work quickly.

My second thought, is at nine, your dog is a senior. Have you tried something like Cholodin? I have a dog who developed neurological spasms at age nine, and he is almost 15 now. His spasms are way less frequent and intense, and he is much more comfortable at night. I attribute a lot of that to the Cholodin, as well as the chiropractic care he gets. The chiropractic adjustments had a pretty immediate effect of lessening the severity of his spasms, and the Cholodin definitely helped him feel less anxious at night.

Just my two cents... smile
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