Desperate to find out what's wrong with my dog. :(

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Hi Skye, I sent you a pmail, hope thats ok.

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Sounds like there are few different things going on, it's not likely that all all the symptoms are connected to a same cause. Tooth abscess can cause unilateral discharge from nose and eye.
Is she spayed, if yes what age?

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Hi. I don't know how much changing Skye's diet will help, or even if she really does have an allergy problem. However, I just wanted to make sure you knew that food changes are supposed to be given 8 weeks to "work" until you give up on them. I have been battling paw licking with Joey for several years now, and I made the mistake of trying things for a short while and then dropping them if they didn't work. SO - some things, particularly food, take a while to work, if they're going to work at all.

I haven't heard of a blanket "allergic to animal proteins" thing, so I don't know if feeding vegetarian is really the way to go. I'd be tempted to try a very simple meat or fish diet that contains a food that Skye had never before eaten.

In any case, I wish you luck. Skye and her sister are beauties, and it's sad to hear she's having problems. My former female husky (a red one, and Skye's motto was her motto, too) became a bit incontinent, too, but Proin worked for her. Maybe the dosage is just not high enough for Skye, or it needs to be given at different times. As to the other problems, I haven't a clue, and I wish you luck. If you can afford it, I would seek out a specialist or vet teaching facility or something at this point. It must be so frustrating to deal with this day in and day out. The nasal problem doesn't sound like allergies, but with my dog, changing his diet for 8 weeks (pretty basic canned food, no probiotics or extra stuff) and a good dose of tavist seems to be helping him.

Skye doesn't have a bad tooth, does she? The teeth are so close to eyes and nose...

Just my 2 cents. Good luck. Poor Skye.

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Both my hairless Crested boys had KCS (dry eye) in just one eye. One of the most obvious symptoms in both dogs was a nasty, thick, yellow discharge out of the nostril on the same side as the dry eye. As a result of this discharge they were constantly sneezing, coughing and blowing yellow snot all over the place.
Due to serious ulcer issues and a failure to respond to treatment, both dogs ultimately had their affected eye removed. While they still occasionally have some yellow crud in that nostril, the major issues have resolved with the removal of the eye.
Obviously, the nasal issues were the result of the lack of tears keeping the tear duct clean and preventing its "normal" discharge thru the nose.
I might have her eye on that side tested for tear production. It is a simple, inexpensive, in office test done by inserting a strip of special paper into the eye and measuring the resulting wet area on the paper.
If she DOES have dry eye, treatment is with a cyclosporin ointment once a day as well as moisturizing drops throughout the day. Normally, the treatment is successful, but CC's do have a hereditary predisposition to serious problems with dry eye, including failure of the cyclosporin drugs to work, sadly this was the case with both my boys.

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Guessing a nasal abscess or tumor. The thirst suggests you may want to check Skye's blood sugar.
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