Not Concentrating Urine

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Barked: Sat Feb 4, '12 2:24pm PST 
Seriously! How is it that I always end up with the medical dogs lol. Little Griffin is peeing 10-14x a day and a large quantity each time, also drinks quite a bit for how small he is. Urinalysis was normal except his Specific Gravity was 1.006, bloodwork was normal, no kidney problems or anything. Going to rerun the Specific Gravity test on Monday to see, and then possibly a Desmopressin Test (give him some and then check to see if he concentrates it), but my golden retriever has Diabetes Insipidus (can't concentrate her urine), so we are familiar with the drill, but what are the odds of having 2 dogs with the same problem? GRRR! Can't I just have a 'normal' dog?
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wow....from what i understand is that diabetes insipidus is pretty darn rare. I was tested for it when I was young and it was one of the last things they tested for. I do know that those with diabetes insipidus must always have water otherwise it's life threatening.

Is your dog drinking more water? Was the USG tested with the first urine sample of the day? If mom gets a urine sample later in the day mine ususally shows as high...i drink lots of water...so mom always gets a sample first thing in the morning.

I have noticed vets tend to look at kidneys first with a low USG. I had tons of tests done when I was young. Kidney levels don't show as off until a good portion of kidney function is lost...I believe it's 75-80%...something like that. They can do a kidney function test and it tells you exactly how much function you have even if it doesn't show up on tests.

Just throwing that out there...

I remember being tested for cushings, liver problems...diabetes (both types), kidney failure, thyroid...my diagnosis: psychogenic polydipsia....I'm nuts for water. Every single test came back normal.

Hope you guys can figure it out...good luck to you!

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Ever consider having your water tested? I'm no expert, but 2 dogs having the same rare condition....I'd probably look into environmental factors.

Zoey, Shellie & Griffin

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Thanks for the input. Boondocks, considering Shellie had it when I got her at 6 months old, I'm assuming it's NOT something with my water. And as far as I know (worked for a vet for 20 years and my dad is a vet) water cannot cause Diabetes Insipidus or a dog to be unable to concentrate their urine.

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Doc K said it is possible Mickey could have DI, also. He isn't really concentrating his urine. He also has bladder stones. He doesn't drink much at all. But he does pee often. Weird.

I'm often told, "your dog probably drinks and you don't know it." No. I'm with him 24 hours a day. I watch him outside to see if he is drinking.

But his urine is clear. I mean, like pure water. I thought it was a good thing until Doc K (his vet) said it could be a problem.frown

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Perhaps those sick pups just know they'll be in good hands when they find you,and know you will do all you can.hughughugflowersflowers for you,for taking them on andhugwishes to both of you in finding Griffins problem quickly and getting him the right treatment.