Is this a scam?

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Bruno CGC

Honorary Kelpie
Barked: Fri Feb 3, '12 6:18pm PST 
Something I see over an over, cruising breeder websites-

They REQUIRE you to buy a specific vitamin supplement, usually NuVet. If you don't buy it, they void the health guarantee. In this entirely run of the mill example (scroll down a bit to see it) they make it sound like they can tell if you're buying it, and will void all buyer protection on their part if you don't (but note they say that the other parts of the contract stand... hrmmmm...)

I see this mainly on puppymills posing as reputable breeders- they offer a health guarantee (which often doesn't hold water- only goes for 1 year, or is voided by any number of things, or excludes the most common conditions) and sell on a contract requiring spay/neuter (usually by six months. Which is ludicrous considering that they were able to buy and breed their dogs without health testing or showing, but won't allow their buyers to do the same. Pot calling the kettle black, anyone?)

The NuVet thing especially bugs me. There is no reason to buy an expensive branded supplement if you feed a high-quality diet! Most of the ingredients are either vitamins/minerals already found in dog food, or herbs with no proven benefit to healthy dogs. It entirely undermines any claim they have that their dogs are healthy if they will void their guarantee if you don't buy it!

So I figured they assume that most buyers WON'T faithfully use the NuVet, and they won't have to honor their guarantee if anything goes wrong. That's just wrong.

Barked: Fri Feb 3, '12 6:42pm PST 
Yeah, seems like a scam to me.
I look for certain things when I go over a breeder's site and if NuVet is mentioned as a requirement, I pass them up.

Mischief Managed
Barked: Fri Feb 3, '12 7:10pm PST 
Sounds like a scam to me, too. In fact, I believe that I read on another forum that these breeders are often vendors for the supplements. So basically, you're supposed to keep lining their pockets long after you've taken the pup home.

Zoey, Shellie & Griffin

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Barked: Fri Feb 3, '12 7:41pm PST 
Yep they get a check every month or every 3 months depending on which 'auto ship' the customers sign up for...
Audrey- Hepbull

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Barked: Sat Feb 4, '12 10:08am PST 
I think NuVet should have it on their website that the breeders get paid when you use their code to buy their stuff. I find it very distastefull on both the breeders and nuvet's part that they don't disclose this info. Of course it's suspiscious when the breeder says you HAVE to order it AND you must include my code.....

I got suckered into the auto-ship too, then it became very obvious that my dog has an absolute intolerance for any kinds of chemicals and artifical vitamins, flavorings. She gets insanely itchy.

After putting her a raw diet, meat only, itching stopped, then adding back the nuvets, she got itchy again. I KNOW she can't tolerate them.

The breeder sent me a generic email response(clearly written by nuvet) about why I shouldn't stop the nuvets. At least they didn't go so far as to void the health guarantee.

Member Since
Barked: Sat Feb 4, '12 2:22pm PST 
I don't like that they make Nuvet a requirement when you buy a puppy, but I have been using Nuvet for a few years on and off. My dogs are raw fed, a few monthes ago I ordered Fresh Factors instead of the Nuvet and I did notice a difference in my dogs, one that has hot spot issues has it under control with Nuvet, on the Fresh Factors he was a itchy mess. My 18yr old dog has way more energy on Nuvet and better mobility. My 12yr old had terrible gas on Fresh Factors, she is fine on Nuvet. I order as I go although you do get a discount on auto-ship. I have used alot of supplements over the years but have always come back to this one. Cindi

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I want to play!
Barked: Sat Feb 4, '12 5:45pm PST 
Saya's breeder had info on Nuvet she asked me to get it with the code whatever, but no where on her contract says void if not buy it..

I don't like this doesn't seem right I mean fine suggest to get it, but not make the buyer feel need to get it if they don't want to.

I don't care for the supplement really.

Saya does fine on raw without supplements..

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Barked: Mon Oct 1, '12 4:17pm PST 
I am familiar with the product and can tell you from experience that it really works. I thought my dog was going to die. He had severe kidney problems -dark urine, wouldn't eat etc. Within a couple of days I could see an improvement afterhe started taking NuVet Plus. Within a week, he was running around like a puppy .... and still is. He's a 10 year old lab mix and I've never seen him look and feel better, especially in the last year or so. As far as I'm concerned it its helping, he'll take it for the rest of his life.

I am sad to hear about the people feeling scammed by the NuVet product....its really a quality product from my experience and totally worth the $$$.

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Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Mon Oct 1, '12 4:53pm PST 
Samson... check your pmail wink

Bruno.. I would think its definately a get out clause to line folks pockets for something you do not need .

Suggesting is one thing... insisting is ... well hopefully folk will go to another breeder.

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Barked: Thu Apr 11, '13 11:02am PST 
I just saw this thread and since folks may still see it, I wanted to give a breeder point of view. I do breed and although I offer the first year with no strings, I offer a second year if they use NuVet for their pet. The reason is that it's the best vitamin available for dogs and it can help them avoid problems just like a person taking good vitamins will help them avoid even a genetic condition their family displays. Vitamins are very important. Any owner that cares about their pets longevity and ongoing health will spend a few bucks on good vitamins like these to help them enjoy life better and longer. I would not hold it against a breeder too much, although they should offer at least some guarantee even if you do not get the vitamins.
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