Comfortis gave my baby horrible side affects!

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Barked: Sat Jan 28, '12 9:20pm PST 
[UPDATE] Thank you all! Unfortunately they went back on their word a bite about paying for some parts of the blood work test they said they would cover and we ended up paying a lot confused wasn't too happy about that. We are now going to be moving from FL because we don't like the surplus of fleas here. Wasn't a problem in my birth state Tenn. And Fritz, I don't blame the medication, but the results I was pissed about. It just seems as if a lot of medications are bad for animals along with vets even stating that. Fleas just end up gaining an immunity to the meds and come back with a vengance to some animals. I was given a new product that is about to hit the markets worldwide that is biodegradable and is supported by 800 vets so far. We used the product on Okami before and it killed the fleas on her and outside. I want to say the name of it but I don't know if I would be sued over it lol. Anyways she is recovering from a huge hotspot she had on her as well from the fleas biting her a ton before dying. 300 dollar vet billfrown but worth it for my baby cloud 9

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Barked: Sun Jan 29, '12 7:35am PST 
Okami, if you have found a good product that works for southern fleas, I would love to know the name/where to get it.

(Could you PM me? or maybe comback and do a post on it once it is released?)

PS I can see why you are angry, especially since they went back on their word. Sometimes it seems that we are forced to choose the least evil, not the best option when it comes to flea control.

Good luck on your move. I'm afraid that we are staying here forever, we have build our dream house and have solid roots now. (I still miss the lack of fleas in the Mojave desert. )

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Barked: Sun Jan 29, '12 7:49am PST 
Glad to hear she is doing better. Sorry the company went back on their word to pay. I had some faith that they would do the honorable thing. I do agree with Fritz though if you are able to find a safe,effective product that works please let us know. We have been using the Advantage line with effective results and no side effects but would love to find something better and safer.


Barked: Mon Jan 30, '12 12:23pm PST 
I am sorry to hear about your dog's reaction to Comfortis.. unfortunately it is not as uncommon as one would like to believe. There have been a myriad of dangerous neurologic side effects associated with dosing Comfortis, and more so with Trifexis. Spinosad is the active ingredient in Comfortis & Trifexis and while naturally derived, it is a pesticide that is circulating in your pet's bloodstream for 15-20 days. That, and the molecule was showing resistance in agriculture before it was ever used in vet med.

Best to find a product that targets the flea without secondarily poisoning your dog... there are a few out there. Good luck.

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Barked: Tue Jan 31, '12 9:16am PST 
You say there are a few products out there that target fleas while not being poisonous? What are they? Thanks.

With so many options and issues out there it is nearly impossible to make the best choice.

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Barked: Thu Dec 27, '12 2:22am PST 
Please let me know What your vet Did to help your dog. My shihtzu is going thru the same thing but isn't pulling out of it. Unfortunately I am in the same situation and can afford s $300+ vet bill especially if there is nothing they can do to reverse the effects. She doesn't have the sores but she is dragging her hindlegs and shaking. Thank you for any info at all.

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Barked: Fri Mar 1, '13 5:58am PST 
In 2010 we gave our Maltese Comfortis twice. For a couple years prior I decided against using it but finally did. To this day I am convinced it altered her life. From the beginning, she developed a horrible odor from her mouth. Her teeth/gums were fine. Shortly thereafter she quickly developed cataracts. Eventually she developed vascular tumors on her heart and spleen. She passed on December 14, 2012. The odor coming from her mouth caused us to research Comfortis, and to our dismay and too late, we discovered some horrifying stories posted by others who used this drug. I will never use any pill form for flea control on any of my pets again. In my opinion, it should be taken off the market and outlawed.

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Barked: Sun Jun 15, '14 4:09pm PST 
I'm also interested in what you have found that is safer for your dogs...my min pins have had reaction from the comfortis by getting welts on their torsos...they're doing better now, but I would be happier if there is something a lot safer than pestisides that my dogs have to ingest or put on their bodies. If you can message me.
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