My douge de bordeaux seems underweight.

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is it possible she's just not breed standard? I mean since you don't know your breeder it's quiet possible her sire or brood bitch wasn't up to standard. She may just be a runt. Is she papered? If not she may not be all the doggy the breeder claimed. It happens sometimes.

My boy jake is a pure beagle we believe and weights around 35lbs healthy i brought him down from 40 and he was never overweight. He's just a really big beagle. My vet has assured me he was fine at 40 but too heavy for me to carry.

on the other hand Koha my grandfather's beagle papered up the butt from a nice farm in Tennessee, USA was prior to being given way too much food at the breed standard of about 25lbs. The 40 lbs he weighs now makes him look like a pig.

It just depends on the dog.

If your vet is not concerned then you probably shouldn't be either. Have you brought this exact issue up with your vet? Looking at the pictures from your profile your baby looks just fine.

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Add a clear photo of her from the side and from directly above to her profile. That way dogsters can see her waist, backbone, ribs and hips.

I suspect she is just going to be a petit Douge de Bordeaux or maybe she is a bit younger than the breeder let on. I sure hope she isn't a runt, sometimes runts have very serious health problems.

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What she weighs does not matter! How does she look? I find most vets are pretty quick to tell people there dogs are to skinny but will wait until a dog is obese to even mention that they are getting fat. So if your vet didn't say anything she is probably fine or a little chubbysmile

If that is her in the pictures she does not look skinny.

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Rudy that is very under weight it maybe cheap food I feed my Dogue de Bordeaux all of them a natural raw diet chicken parts, vetables, and rice my Big Red weighs in at a healthly 150lbs solid if you would like more details email me chitown702@gmail.com Hope your weight improves fast
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