Won't put back leg down

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Barked: Tue Nov 8, '11 6:18pm PST 
another day another injury...she was running and stopped and started chewing on her foot. I washed her foot off but she wouldn't stop licking it, chewing on it. I put a sock on it and she fell asleep when she woke up she won't even put weight on the foot -she's limping on 3 legs. Could it be something major? She's a cavalier nd prone to knee problem. In the morning I'll take her to the vet if she's still not walking on it . Any ideas?
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Barked: Tue Nov 8, '11 6:28pm PST 
Does she have any slivers in her paw?

My 2 will step on sand burs and even after pulling them out, a "spike" will still be stuck in their paw and cause enough pain to make them limp, so I have to make sure I get it all out.

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Barked: Tue Nov 8, '11 6:56pm PST 
If it is a sliver, you may be able to get it out by soaking the foot in a warm bath of water & epsom salts. If he won't let you soak it you can soak a wascloth in it & wrap that gently around her paw for about 20 minutes.

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Barked: Tue Nov 8, '11 8:10pm PST 
Turner actually popped his toe out of joint. It looked alright, but he wouldn't put any weight on it. Turns out I took him to a dog chiropractor (honest! big grin) He pulled his toe out and it went pop! eek Put his foot down and was fine after that...

Barked: Wed Nov 9, '11 7:55am PST 
the vet seems to think its a back injury but she seems to have another cyst in between her toe - and actually snapped at the vet when he touched it. SHe got a cortisone shot and some antibiotics but still wont walk on her foot.
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Barked: Wed Nov 9, '11 8:32am PST 
My neighbor's dog, Shadow, has a lot of cysts all over her body, too.

I'm sure sorry there's one is such an uncomfortable place, though.

Poor baby.frownhug