Extra toenail growing out of of dog pad on foot???

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Barked: Mon Oct 24, '11 3:31pm PST 
Hello there fellow animal lovers. I have a 14 year old beagle mix. I've just noticed that he has what appears to be another (thinner) toe nail growing out of the bottom of his foot, directly in the pad. He is walking just fine and I plan to take him to the vet soon but has anyone else ever experienced or heard of something like this? It seems pretty unusual...
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I've never heard of it. Your doing the right thing taking him to the vet. Good Luck!

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Sounds like a cutaneous horn. People get this too, sometimes. AFAIK it's just a benign growth, but considering the location, it's probably best to have it surgically removed.

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It is a quite common problem in older cats. Our vet told me to just snip them off with a toenail clippers. I've done it lots and none ever bled.