ive taken my dog to 3 vets now for green eye discharge

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my dog started having a lot of white discharge from her right eye more than normal but i didn't think much of it i figured it was just boogers nothing big well about the 4th day they started looking a little yellowish in color so i took her to the vet she told me to get teromieson cream and apply it to her eye for 10 days so i did that but i started to notice that when the light was in her eye it looked red like when you take a picture of your dog. so i took her back to the vet he then said it looks like she might have had a scratch or hair bothering her eye and that the red i am seeing is the eye healing it self. ok i figure he knows what he is talking about after all he is the vet and i am not. so he sends me off still using the cream the 1st vet recommended and the eye wash as well OK so now were on to doing this for more than a week . so i say i am taking her to yet another vet and he tells me its dry eye and tells me to get rid of the medicine the last 2 vets told me to use so i throw it out right in front of the new vet well he tells me i might have to take her to an eye specialist to have surgery. at this point i am in tears feeling like Ive done wrong by my dog well he then sends me home with my dog and 5 different meds one of which was a antibiotic not for her eye but for her tummy she got into the cat food and one yogurt like chewy for her . so any way the nurse comes in and is telling me this one you use this many times per day and this on that well its been three weeks now and the only thing that is healed is my dogs tummy problems and now the eye boogers are a greenish brown as of the last 2 days and at times there crusted to her eye lid i am at a loss the red spot in her eye is gone but the boogers remain at times i think yeah there clearing up then the next day wham there back i am talking about not cleaning her eyes 2-3 times per day but more like 7 to 10 times does anyone have any advice has this happened to anyone else s dog in just one eye

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If your dog has dry eye (KCS), then the treatment is for life and must also be supplemented with artificial tears up to six times a day. Both my Crested boys were diagnosed with KCS in one eye only, and both kept getting ulcers on their eye from the constant dryness, in spite of receiving the optimmune daily and the other drops every three hours.
Since my dogs both only had one eye with the disease, my vet and I elected to remove the eye (and PRAY they never got it in the other eye!!)
It's been almost a year for one and over 6 months for the other and they are both happy and healthy now. They are much more trusting of me since I am not constantly having to put stuff in their eye nor scraping crusts out of them three or four times a day in order for them to even keep the eye open.
I am not suggesting that all dogs with KCS have their eye removed, but I do want you to realize that these drugs do not cure this condition... it is a lifelong disease and must be treated forever.
If you still have questions I would advise an appointment with a veterinary opthalmalogist. They are specialists in eye issues and can discuss your pet's condition with you and go over the best long term options.
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I haven't had that issue with my dogs, but we had a cat with a very similar problem. We ended up taking him to a Veterinary ophthalmologist,. It wasn't cheap but they figured out his problem and cured him. You may want to do the same for your dog. Good Luck!