Itching/biting and now black spots?

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Barked: Sun Oct 9, '11 10:40am PST 
I'm visiting my family for few days and they have told me that their dachshund has been itching and biting at himself for the last few weeks. Suspecting fleas, my dad bathed him with a flea shampoo and applied a topical(this was about a month ago), but he still seems to be itching.
Based on his behavior, it does look like he has fleas, he would be sleeping and then jumps up and starts feverishly nibbling on his back legs and scratching his neck. I inspected him and found no fleas or flea dirt. I bathed him in another better quality flea shampoo, but even after he dried off, he started itching again. So I dont know if its fleas.
This morning I noticed that these round, mole like spots appeared on his belly and he has some redness where his bellybutton would be.
I doubt that its food allergy(hes on canidae) because he's been eating far worse stuff(beneful) prior to adoption, with no real issues. I'm suspecting environmental allergies, but is there any real way to confirm it without expensive testing?
I've been giving him benadryl, so I'm hoping that helps, but I'll try to upload the picture of the spots.

Any advice is appreciated.

I'm huntin'- wabbits
Barked: Sun Oct 9, '11 11:45am PST 
heres the picture of the spot:
http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6161/6227437602_82e9a50f40_z.j pg

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Well since no replies yet (Canadian holiday maybe) I thought I'd try to from my holistic stance. If you suspect allergies, that is from the immune system. Benadryl suppresses/weakens the immune system, and builds tolerance and more scarily it builds dependence. It's not going to help the allergies (if that's what it is) but only alleviate symptoms maybe for now. The best thing would be taking him to a holistic vet to treat not just the symptoms but whatever started the problem too. It's just one blood test to check for all contact and environment allergies (I'm not sure about food too but I thought so).

I can't see the pictures (cell phone sorry) but what I read is one possible reason for any black spots on skin is a severe or chronic infection.

I wonder if there really are no fleas if it might be a neurological or nerve issue going on.

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