Wound won't heal

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I'm going to preface this post by saying that my 8 year old Springer, Ziggy, lives at home with my parents while I am away at school. He's my childhood dog and I have very little control over his veterinary care due to my parents financial situation (bankruptcy) and my own (at school... paying for school). So far as I know, he or the other at-home dog haven't seen a vet in a few years. These were easily affordable dogs when they were adopted, but recent financial difficulties have forced the family to just deal with it as best we can. A $75 check up fee is daunting, let alone everything they need.

Anyway, Ziggy developed a subcutaneous lump on his hip a few years ago. It felt hard and fluid filled and didn't bother him, sitting directly below the skin. At some point within the last year or so it burst and became an open seeping wound. This was shaved (he's long haired), kept clean, and treated with topical ointments. Nevertheless, it has developed a raised ring of scar tissue around the outside with a hole in the middle, a little like a volcano. It itches him and is sticky, but I don't see any staph like residue. It's just mucous.

I wish I could remember more of the specifics, but this is coming extra concerning as I just noticed another small lump on his tummy (near his ribs). Thoughts?

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hug Can you call your local SPCA and find out if there are any low cost vets or any programs to help people in financial trouble provide pet care? You could also ask HQ for permission to ask for donations.It sounds like your dog really needs to see a vet to get the wound taken care of. (This sounds a lot like the reoccurring absess Pook had before she died. Not to scare you, but.....

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These need to be surgically removed most of the time.

They can be painful and can get infected. Also, sometimes even though the surface of the skin looks ok, the area is growing under the skin.

Not to mention if the dog has an open, seeping wound that has not been cared for by a vet most localities would consider that animal neglect if your parents were caught.

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Do they keep it patched? I agree with it might being considered abuse and it might be a sign of whats to come. If you can't pay for the vet then I think your family should continue what your doing and keep it clean and bandaged/covered. Other then that, maybe ask an anonymous vet website or something?