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Dark Spots on Belly Skin...

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Dublin Rose O'Belle

Sugar Baby!
Barked: Wed May 4, '11 1:31pm PST 
Dubs has a number of dark red spots, small and irregular that have shown up on her belly skin over the last few days.

They are not bumps and they not seem to be itching, and she doesn't respond - flinch or otherwise if I touch or even poke them.

She does run in some unmown fields - could it just be a grass reaction?

She has recently been in a couple of scrapes with her new sibling, but these marks are not scratch or bite marks.
Shadow- *CGC*CL2*CL3- *

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Barked: Wed May 4, '11 2:11pm PST 
Very possibly an allergy. My golden would get this when my dad mowed the grass. What really helped his skin calm down was Earthbath's Tea Tree Oil and Aloe shampoo. It made them heal and he always smelled better afterward too!

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Barked: Wed May 4, '11 2:22pm PST 
Hi Dubs, Charlie is actually going through something very similar so I'll have to post some pictures later. He's been licking around his lower belly and groin a bit, and I've noticed what I first thought was flea dirt. Brown spots and clusters of spots on his belly and groin, and when I scratch them with my nail them come off easily like dirt. A few clusters of spots do not come off though. I have checked him for fleas over the past 2 months that this has been happening and haven't found one, and he doesn't carry the regular flea symptoms either so I ruled it out. I've also stopped using chemical cleaners on the floors and in their crates. I assume it may be an allergy the grasses outside.. hope someone more knowledgeable can come in here and give us a hint!

Henry Miller

He's a tramp,- but they love- him!
Barked: Wed May 4, '11 3:19pm PST 
Do they look anything like this?
red spots

These are black fly bites. They went away after a couple of days. Henry gets them when we go hiking.
Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Wed May 4, '11 4:35pm PST 
Henry- OW!!!
Lizzie got these dark red, almost brown, deposits on her lower belly. They scraped off really easily. The vet said that it was deposits from her saliva. She had been licking herself a lot. Just my experience! smile
Henry Miller

He's a tramp,- but they love- him!
Barked: Wed May 4, '11 5:40pm PST 
laugh out loud
Sarah--That's not me. It's off google images. It what black fly bites look like though!! laugh out loud
Leah, CGC

All the Beauty- with none of the- Brains
Barked: Thu May 5, '11 11:55am PST 
@Charlie - the licking may actually cause some skin discoloration like black spots....we think it can be due to yeast population in that one area but ??? Keep in mind dermatology is not my forte but many chronic allergy dogs have permanent black staining in their groin and other thin sensitive skin areas due to licking.

@Dublin Rose - Can you post a pic?
Dublin Rose O'Belle

Sugar Baby!
Barked: Fri May 6, '11 7:36am PST 
I will, but it will be tomorrow, as I forgot to click this am.

It looks a little like those marks, but darker. She has been licking herself some, so maybe saliva but they seem stains in the flesh and not on the surface. Am thinking allergic reaction to recent bath and shampoo used. She doesn't get many baths as she is a swimmer and keeps clean that way.

I'll get a pic.