Natural Remedy to Boost Immune System

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Barked: Sun Apr 17, '11 4:45pm PST 
Hello Everyone!! I haven't been on here lately and have asked a few question's and received wonderful positive feedback regarding our puppy Marley and our long journey to get him healthy!!!

Quick re-cap for those who haven't read prior on our illness we have had been trying to cure..

March 11th we got marley from the spca and they noted (slight upper resp infection) and we were sent with 1/2 pills of antibiotic.. He seemed to have gotten a tad better after 10 day's and on the 12th day he had green nasal discharge, reverse sneezing and coughing, that last about 2.5 weeks (finally just cleared up about 3 day's ago!!!) that was our second round of a 14 day antibiotic (clavomax "can't remember the spelling") then we took him back again a 3rd time because he still had thereverse sneezing, green mucous and coughing, he's on a 10 day now and has showed a huge progress of getting better..

So anyways.. He's finally NOT having any nasal discharge, but he still has alittle sneezing and occasionally a little duck sort of cough when he first wakes up and is excited to see you, but it last maybe 1 second as opposed to our 5 seconds before..

So to make a long story to the point.. I was wondering if anyone would recommend a remedy to help naturally boost his immune system? I have read echinacea is a good one, and just wondering if anyone has any suggest so we can help him get better, and keep his immune system up so he can fight anything off in the future..

Thanks in advance..

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Barked: Sun Apr 17, '11 5:45pm PST 
Marley yeah echinacea is a good one but best for acute or short term use at the first sign of poor health if possible.

I think it's important after antibiotics to give probiotics. For immune health, you could use prebiotics also. The digestive system is in sync with the immune system so probiotics will do a great deal to help his body get back in balance and keep him overall healthy.

I'm new to learning about this still but Chinese medicine (herbs, mushrooms) have gotten my attention recently when they were used to cure a dog's skin allergies. The more I read about them, the more I want to consider them up there with other natural alternatives. Chinese medicine is centered around the immune system, but there are so many to choose from. Like is Marley suffering allergies or is this a type of kennel cough? Would help determine which ones. I'm thinking this is kennel cough right? The way he continues to sneeze though I wasn't sure.

There's also turmeric, spirulina, bioflavonoids, garlic..more that I'm not remembering.. but whichever you choose, the foundation for a good immune system is good diet, limited stress and chemicals, and exercise..imho if you save money on supplements and spend it on the best diet you could afford that is going to do much better than the supp. (except acute times)

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Hi, my dog was ill when I adopted him. He had a severe case of kennel cough that developed into pneumonia. I gave him the antibiotics the vet prescribed. This was a couple of years ago. My dog still breaths raspy and snorts. I consider him healthy and it's obvious.

I think the raspy breathing is a complication of his illness. His lungs may of been damaged. Your dog is probably on his way to good health now. I would not worry about the raspy breathing if he is active, eating and drinking.

Diet plays a big part in the immune system. So I would make sure he is eating a balanced high quality diet.