Violent sneezing attacks

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Barked: Mon Apr 11, '11 3:05pm PST 
Duchess has been having violent sneezing attacks lately and a series of them. Some days are worse than others. Could this just be her allergies or something else? It seems like every year her allergies get worse or manifest differently than the previous year. She even got a little sore/cut on the side of her nose that keeps reopening every time the sneezing occurs. Any other pup going through this?

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My dog gas this problem too. We have moved to many different states in her life, and we still go back and visit, every time we go somewhere her allergies kick up. We just give her Benadryl for a few days, she readjusts and is back to normal. You can safely give dogs 1 mg per pound. My dog is 27 lbs so I just give her one tablet. We just use store brand, but you can also get it from your vet. When allergens are up I also clean off their coats with a wash cloth and try not to spray the house with any perfumes that will aggravate them more.

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Annie has them this time of year will. I think its just like us humans and when we get sneeze fits cause of allergies.

Cooper *CGC*

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Barked: Mon Apr 11, '11 5:06pm PST 
Cooper has been doing this a lot lately too. He's also been getting some nasty eye boogers. Benadryl helps him a lot but it makes him really tired. This year is going to be hard for everyone I have a feeling. My allergies started bothering me at the beginning of March and I usually don't have any symptoms until May or June. Cooper didn't have any issues with allergies last year and neither did Chase(He's having a lot of reverse sneezing). They are both having pretty bad allergies.