Aller G3 Supplement

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So I have looked all over the internet, and everything seems to say the same thing - The 'Aller G3' supplement has no side effects.
My dog has been on this supplement at the recommendation of the vet (I work there, so I have easy access to the vets), as he has an ongoing allergy problem and I'm trying various methods to help reduce them or eliminate them before going to a cutting-edge dermatologist who has a specific injection for environmental allergies in the area. (This injection is quite pricey, and I'd like it to be one of the last methods I use, although it is looking progressively more and more like I will be moving in that direction)

Recap of my dog - Allergies expressed in his skin, primarily between the pads of his feet and between his toes, and on the sides of his jaw. Have done multiple diet changes, protein isolations, etc. We were in Alaska (usually in Oregon) for 3 months last summer and the allergies did not go away (he was also on a completely different diet during those 3 months as well, and due to the last of heartworm, ticks, and fleas, he was not on flea meds or heartworm meds). The only time they went away was from December to the beginning of February, although we had him on a course of antibiotics and a strick skin cleaning protocol and he was wearing an e-collar 24-hours a day for weeks. So it's hard to tell if it was improved by the season change or by how I was handling his allergies at that time.

Anyways, he was on a raw only diet until 2 weeks ago when I started to shift him onto a half kibble diet and a new raw diet that are both gluten free.

The big thing is has has been on probiotics since November and Aller G3 capsules for about 60 days. He vomited his dinner up about a month ago, which is really odd - he's not a vomiter, and he only did it once. (Cleaning partially digested raw food that now has the consistancy of a puree out of the carpet is incredibly challenging, btw)
Tonight, he did it again, and it was his dinner again (this time I was able to grab a plastic bag that was magically within reach and caught it all!).
So now I'm wondering why he is occasionally vomiting his dinner. (I am 100% certain he has not eaten anything other than his kibble and supplements today.) And they've both been within the last month - the newest item to his diet that would explain both vomit episodes is the Aller G3 capsulre, which he gets with his dinner.
He has also been have random episodes of reverse hiccups, which is not normal, and those started within the last month as well. I know fish oil can cause gastro upset in humans as well as burping issues, but every website claims the Aller G3 capsule has no side effects.

Has anyone else used this supplement? And has anyone else had problems with it? Everything seems to say that it's not the supplement, but when putting all the pieces together, my dog seems to be saying otherwise...

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If you think your dog might have an intolerance to something in Aller G3, I would try a different product.

I looked online and it just listed "fish" oil. I don't like to give things that aren't named in case there is an issue.
For instance, Chance could handle twice as much sardine/anchovy oil as she could salmon oil.

This seemed to be a bad allergy year here.
Chance's vet and a friend's vet both saw a lot of allergy dermatitis well into winter.
Chance's BFF had dermatitis so bad on his paws, they bled before his owners and vet were able to get it under control.

Chance gets allergic conjunctivitis starting in the spring.
All year, she vomits clear mucus - once a month during dry weather, daily during the rainy season. Her last vet said she has post nasal drip. We started giving her a little raw, local honey even though the experts say it's an old wives tale. That was over 3 months ago and since then, no mucus vomit even though it's been so wet out.

Whatever she's allergic to is very localized. If we leave the metro area/valley for any length of time, she doesn't need allergy pills. Even if it's just the coast or Bend.
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I have used Aller G3 with Shellie a while back, she went through about 4 bottles of it so was on it for about 8 months. She didn't seem to have any problems with it. I know myself every once in a while I burp up fish oil or taste it in my mouth so it may be the same for dogs?


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Went through a 60 cap bottle in about 4 months as I only give a couple of times per week. Have not had any issues and has helped his dry skin but I would cut it out for a bit and see if things get better. Is not feeding dinner an option if dinner is the problem? Also, how far apart are you feeding kibble and raw because feeding mixed or too close together might be the culprit.
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I have an idea. Our cat is on Atopica for allergies and we have noticed some similar things happening. He swallows and such a lot, and has even vomited a few times, which he's never done before. He'd never had a capsule before either though. I began either giving him a syringe of water after I pilled him, or some wet food immediately after and no more vomiting, no more swallowing. I believe the pill was irritating his throat (which is actually pretty common), which might be your dog's case as well.

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My dog was on Aller G3 for less than a week and she has lost her appetite (NOT her normal) and two nights ago she started with the hiccups (ever have I seen her do that). She has a couple of food allergies and maybe the Aller G3 fish oil is one more to note. Definitely eased my worries. Either way, I'm calling her vet but thank you for your post. I agree, I could not find anything on the web about the potential side effects.

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My Cooper has been scratching bad this year with allergies and the vet put him on the Aller G3 supplements. After 6 days on it, he has also lost his appetite which is very unusual as he is a Golden Retriever and loves to eat. Today I stopped giving it to him so that I can see how he does. He has not vomited yet, he just doesn't want to go out or get up to eat unless I take the foot & water to him or walk out with him which is extremely out of his normal.