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Yoopie- (U.P.)

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Barked: Sun Feb 20, '11 12:02pm PST 
So, I just got a nice little reminder card in the mail as a reminder for Yoopie's annual shots... two months late, but that's beside the point. The point is... they want to do his one year booster for Parvo. I have done some research, but research can say anything you want it to, if you try hard enough, so I would like to stir the pot and ask:

Is the one year parvo booster necessary for an adult dog that already went through the initial series? He was given the full series of DA2PPL4 and then scheduled for a 6 month parvo booster, which we did not get (as we were never told we needed to, I just noticed on his vet bill) and now they want us to do the yearly booster. Parvo has been a problem in my area in the past due to people not vaccinating their puppies, but I think this is a little excessive. If I'm reading the papers right, they wanted him to have 5 parvo vaccines in 12 months!

I am already very seriously considering switching vets, as our current one is only open 9-5 on weekdays. My husband and I work full time and he goes to school at night... we can't keep the appointments without taking time off which I do not get paid for.

Is my vet going vaccine crazy?
Leah, CGC

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Barked: Sun Feb 20, '11 2:38pm PST 
The AAHA recomendations are every 4 wks from 8wks of age to 16 weeks of age then again at 1 year then every 3 years after that for parvo. That is generally accepted as the standard and is what is taught in US vet schools now HOWEVER it is pretty new (IE since the 2000's and most vets who got out of school before this century are still trained in the "more vaccines are better" school of thinking. If Parvo was a risk in your area and a 6 month booster was given as a percaution by your vet I would still vaccinate at 1 year then every 3 years after that because full immunity was not reached at the 6month vaccine and there is a small risk he could contract the disease.

ON THE OTHER HAND - Parvo is a disease that attacks those with weakened immune systems (IE puppies - especially sickly puppies). If Yupie is a healthy dog who has limited contact with places like pet stores, dog parks, veterinarian offices. doggie daycares or streets where multiple dogs are walked you may be able to get the booster 1 yr after his 6month booster then eveyr 3 years after that.

Vaccines are a touchy subject on these forums. You will recieve a lot of conflicting advice. Please try to make the best informed decision you can that makes you the most comfortable. Do not follow advice if you are not comfortable or willing to accept the risks. Vaccines are an example of a medication that may do harm but that slight harm is outweighed by the risk of contracting the disease it protects against. As you report Parvo is rampant in your area at this point. Keep in mind Parvo can lay dormant in soil for up to 9 months. Once soil is infected the only way to get rid of it is by applying a 10% bleach mix to the affected soil areas (at least 5 inches wider than fecal material had contact with), allowing it to soak down at least 5-10 inches if possible to kill any virus that may be there. Weather patterns DO NOT kill this virus - they are neither hot nor cold enough and washing it away just moves it to another area.

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Great information Leah way to go

Yoopie- (U.P.)

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Barked: Sun Feb 20, '11 4:44pm PST 
Thank you Leah! Yes, I know vaccines are a hot button and I was running the risk of this thread turning into a brawl, but I was a little concerned about how many vaccines they wanted to give him. I am neither anti nor pro vaccine, but just as I believe everything a doctor tells me is 100% right, I do not think that everything a vet tells me is the end-all, be-all. Parvo was reported as an issue from early 2008 to late 2009. No one was vaccinating their puppies for it and outbreaks weren't uncommon. We don't go to dog parks, he will never be boarded and no one walks their dogs in my area (makes me mad, oh yes it does...) even though there is at least one dog in half the homes on my street. We do go to Petsmart about twice a month and he will eventually be doing therapy dog visits.

I feel a little better hearing that this is not uncommon for parvo and I definitely don't want to run the risk, but I also don't want to give him more than he needs... I mean, I don't mind the flu shot and I don't think it'll do me any harm every time I get it, but I don't need it 3 times a year, ya know? And I hate to be the penny pinching dog owner, but it is not only concern for over-vaccinating... it is also a monetary issue. We aren't barely making it, but we do need to be mindful of costs, especially potentially expensive costs like vet visits. All of his annual shots add up to about two bags of food in cost, and that doesn't include the fecal and the office visit charge, so if one shot is not needed, all the better.

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Parvo is not a puppy disease. When I was where you are at with Lily, my vet was treating a 2 year old and a 2 1/2 year old. My vet is using the newer propoocol of every three years, but only after that year booster. All the research I did at the time indicated I was wrong and he was right. Lily got the booster, as did Moira when it was her turn.

If your dog has seen the vet within a year, he may not not charge for an office call, especially if a tech gives the shot. When it it time for your annual heartworm check? I try to do everything at once, except give vaccs. Those are spaced.
Yoopie- (U.P.)

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Barked: Sun Feb 20, '11 8:59pm PST 
We are on year-round heartworm preventative due to mild winters here, but he does need to go in for rabies. I will be calling a vet tomorrow that is only a few blocks down from us and setting up an appointment because both dogs are due for rabies... During the appointment I can feel out the vet and see if I want to stay with them. I'll also check with them about the prevalence of certain diseases and whether or not we should vaccinate for them (bordetella, lepto, etc).