High Red Blood Cell Count In Urine

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Barked: Sat Jan 15, '11 5:12pm PST 
Have any of you ever had a high RBC count in your urine? Well, I've been having accidents for a while now so Granny got a sample of my urine and all was well with the results except for the red blood cells count. I'm being treated for a bladder infection so hopefully, I'll be better soon. It's a three-week regime of an antibiotic twice a day. Granny got to thinking after the fact that she thought white blood cells meant infection. What do you pups know?

Thanks for any help you can give my Granny. My bio-daughter, Katy, has an anal gland infection, so Granny is a bit worried right now.
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Barked: Sat Jan 15, '11 6:42pm PST 
you are right that a higher white blood cell count usually points to infection.

Have you been drinking more water than usual? You mentioned urinating more.

I tried to do some reading and presence of blood in the urine could be why your red blood cell count is higher. It sounds like your vet wants to rule out any kind of urinary tract infection especially since you said you were having accidents in the house.

I'm sorry I can't offer any more. Good luck! way to go
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Barked: Sun Jan 16, '11 4:42pm PST 
Thanks, Scooter. Granny has been researching on the internet and one reason is an infection. Hopefully, that's all it is because actually for being 12 1/2, I feel pretty good. I don't think I've been drinking more water, but the vet did say one sign of infection is having accidents. Granny is going to talk more to the vet about it on Thursday when she takes Katy back for her infection.

Have a woof-derful evening.

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high RBCs in urine can indicate a LIVER problem..best to get a full blood panal altho sometimes it's not shown in it then you need an ultrasound if the vet thinks it is the liver and not something else. sometimes high RBCs can be a type of infection from a type of parasite tho called river fluke I think. (I had gone thru high RBC with Adam and those were the only 2 suggestions my vet made but it was based on total symptoms)
Oh i wouldn't rule out trauma though..like bladder or urethra trauma could be a possibility? If she got sticked with a catheter to collect a urine sample, i would guess traumathinking Oh but I guess the vet would have thought of that.

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Barked: Sun Jan 16, '11 5:33pm PST 
RBC's can be present often due to trauma (IE if urine was obtained via cystocentesis or catheterization) or infection. Yes WBC's are indicative of infection too but often in cases of cystitis (inflammation) which can lead to infection the inflammation of the bladder walls allows for shedding of RBC's off the inflammed bladder wall leading to RBC's in urinalysis.

Also if the dog has urinary crystals or stones which can be caused by infection (changes pH of urine) or can predispose pet to infection RBCs may be present because crystals irritate the walls of bladder dumping RBC's into urine.
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Barked: Tue Jan 18, '11 4:56pm PST 
Granny collected my urine herself. Also, the test didn't show any crystals, just the high RBC. I will ask the vet about these others things you nice dogs mentioned.