What does "barrel chested" mean?

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I can't seem to find a clear, definitive description of "barrel-chested." Could somebody fill me in, or look at Hazel's photos and tell me if she is barrel-chested? I never really gave much thought to bloat because she is not a big dog (only 40 lbs.), but maybe I should.

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A barrel chest refers to a dog with a large deep chest.
A 'Deep chest', view from the front or rear is more narrow than the view from the side. If measuring the diameter of chest from side to side measures less than top to bottom. One reference has the chest extending to the dog's 'elbows' as a good measure of deep chestedness.
As in these photos:


Great Dane

Hazel's fur comes close to the elbow, but her chest doesn't. And her chest is not much larger than her waist and hips.

The risk factors are higher under the following criteria.
Large or giant breed
family history of bloat
deep chest
fed dry food only
fed one meal a day
elevated food dish

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Wouldn't "barrel-chested" be just as wide as it is deep? I think it is usually used to indicate something separate from "deep-chested."

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Sampson you are correct - Barrel chested is as wide as it is deep - Like a barrel.

So greyhound IS NOT an example of barrel chested but Mastiff or St Bernard usually is.

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Thanks for clearing it up. smile

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Zoey my chihuahua is Barrel Chested, meaning she has a 'wide' chest....at least that is what a handler who evaluated her as a puppy told me.