Sudden Loss of Use of Back Legs!

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Barked: Wed Nov 17, '10 11:21pm PST 
Today when walking around the living room, I suddenly lost the use of my back legs! This has never happened before so dd rushed me to the vet, but by the time I got there, my legs were fine and I could use them again like nothing happened. The vet gave me a quick once over and didn't find anything unusual to explain what caused it. Needless to say it scared the noodles out of my dad and mom. Has anyone else had this happen to them? What caused it? Should my dd an mom be worried? I am about 16 years old and other than arthritis due to old age, I have never had any mobility issues.
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wow that must have been scary. I would think your age would have something to do with it. I guess without doing a full xray or mri, it would be hard to tell what happened. I hope it doesn't happen again but I would make sure that you don't jump up or down from the couch/bed just to make sure you don't injure yourself.
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What exactly happened in detail? Just loss of back legs? Was she dragging them, etc?

Are bassets prone to back issues like doxies? I wasn't sure about that.
Is this about Willow? I saw on your page it says 11 yrs old.

Bama had an episode in June of 2008 that I thought was a back problem... but it ended up being a seizure. His back was arched and he just flopped over and looked like his whole body was drawn up until it was over. I freaked out big time. We were on our way to the e vet when he just started looking around like nothing happened. I realized then it was probably a seizure and took him to the vet the next day and they did blood work. It has happened once more since. They think he could be epileptic since they couldn't find another cause.

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This exact thing has happened to Sanka multiple times. He could not use his back legs or it was painful to use them. When we got to the vet, he was perfectly fine. And when we returned home from the vet, Sanka was better, but still had some issues getting up and sitting. After a bit, he healed up just fine and was back to his old self.

Vet said that adrenaline from coming to the vet's office probably helped him, and to just take him home and watch him. shrug

It really is the strangest thing. I mean, one time, it happened in the middle of the night, and Sanka was barking really softly every couple of seconds. I went out to see what was up, and he was just laying down. He wouldn't get up, so I had to help him up. Turns out, he was really thirsty but could not get up on his own. The next couple of days were a bit rough, but he fully recovered again.


Forgot to add, the vet said she thought it may be arthritis....but it was so sudden, that I doubt this was the case.

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I'm so glad Willow at 16 got a clean bill of healthdog

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Aw, sorry such a scary thing happened, but I'm glad you're alright now.

We had a really dramatic experience with Chloe once when she was like 6-8 months old. She was over at my BF's mom's house playing with her littermates and somehow hurt her leg, my BF carried her home and she wouldn't move without crying, wouldn't walk, wouldn't lay down without squeeling in pain. It was later at night and so we rushed to the emergency vet. He carried her into the vets, set her down, and she started walking around sniffing and wagging her tail like nothing had ever happened. We had been so scared that we had her examined anyways, and ended up paying over $100 for a vet to bend her leg back and forth, give her a shot of muscle relaxer, and tell us that nothing was wrong.

However, given the age and breed of your dog I would keep a close eye on her because it could be a back injury/spinal issue. Make sure she takes it easy jumping on and off of furniture and such. hug

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Thank you everyone for your responses!

@ Bama: I was walking around the living room and all of a sudden I was unable to use my back legs and I was dragging them behind me. Mom was making dinner and dad was in the other room, but he heard my rear legs dragging along the floor (he didn't know that that was what was going on) and came to see what the sound was. He ran to my side, called my mom and told her what was wrong, then he picked me up and ran to the car with me and took me to the vet aand had mom call to let them know I was coming in and what happened. By the time I got there I was walking normally. The vet checked my joints, hip and back to see if she could see anything wrong, but other thank the arthritis that I have had for some time now, I was fine. The vet has no idea what caused it and just told mom and dad to keep a close eye on me and if it happens again to bring me back. Mom and dad make sure that I don't jump up or down from high places or get too rambunctious and I have steps to get to the couch because I don't do too well getting up on the couch by myself (I sometimes lose my balance and fall because I don't have the strength in my front or bck legs to pull myself up or to push off with my back feet). As for my age, I am 16. Mom signed me up for Dogster when I was 11.

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Hopefully it was a fluke thing & will not return!confused
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Oh ok, that must have been so scary!
I also hope it was just a one time thing!