sores on allee's belly (pics) please give me your opinion.

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Allee Oop!!!

I love my Mommy
Barked: Sat Aug 28, '10 2:44pm PST 
Allee has some sores on her lower belly and has been biting her feet like crazy the past week or so.

I have a couple of ideas of what it could be but really want your opinion.

One thing is her flea allergy...we have always kept it under control since 2006 with frontline plus. I have always halfed the tube of up to 25 pounds on her and Bama and it's always worked. In fact I always post about that on here. Well, on Aug 1st I had an applicator for up to 44 pounds so I just put a tiny bit on her...like 1/4 or so and same amt on Bama.
Could it be that I didn't put enough so it didn't last as long? Because the sore are in the same area and look a lot like when she had all the spots before she was diagnosed. Her flea allergy is pretty bad bc back in 2006 before I know about it she had sores, flakiness, and hair loss all on the back of her legs and belly.

The other thing is food. I usually feed her TOTW pacific and it even seems that if she eats Brodie's NB that she chews her feet less. The past few weeks she's been eating Evo herring and salmon that we got for free. Is there anything in it that you think could cause the sores and biting the feet?

I posted pics on her page 3 of her photobook bc I don't know how to paste here. Please look. The sores are on her lower belly near her private area. They were flakey and I scraped the flakey stuff off and bathed her, so they look even redder than they did before the bath.

If it's food or fleas I know how to treat that...I have dealt with all this before with her flea allergy and with food allergy and Brodie. But, one of the spots is sort of round, I don't know anything about it, but was worried it could be ringworm?

Please let me know what you think.

I am putting more frontline plus on her tomorrow (the full amount)
Ugh, I feel bad if it's my fault for not appying enough. As of 3 days ago there were no sores at all. they are usually due for flea meds the 1st.
And, might try her on Brodie's NB food.

It's irritating bc I have just been saying on here and to my hubby and family how good all the dogs skin and coat look.

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Tanuk CGC

Sherpa Tanuk of- Everest
Barked: Sat Aug 28, '10 2:53pm PST 
Ohhhh, you're not gonna like this. Looks like classic ringworm. I've been researching the heck outta skin conditions because of the kitties, and ringworm keeps worrying (hopefully skin scrapes next week will ease my mind). Anywho, ringworm is a pain to deal with. A simple skin scrape will diagnose it, but all three will need to be treated with meds and a weekly lime sulfur dip. Plus, the house will need to be steam cleaned.

I'm crossing my paws that it's just an allergy, but it really looks like ringworm...
Allee Oop!!!

I love my Mommy
Barked: Sat Aug 28, '10 3:53pm PST 
I hope it's allergy too.

The main reason I think it's her flea allergy is bc she had sores like that before I started using preventative when the vet diagnosed it.
And, itched the same way.

The thing is- with ringworm would it be flakey/crusty spots on it and around it? All her sores are crusty and that's a sign of flea allergy.
Plus same thing with her biting her butt and feet. Would ringworm make her do all of that?
Of course, I am gonna start researching it. Can't do anything on the weekend anyway.

She's been itching a couple weeks now. But, Allee's a very weird dog and I was beginning to think she was biting her feet out of habit or stress bc she does from time to time. I checked her all over real good the other day and there were no sores at all on her belly and now there is.

Just pray for me that is all it is!!! I don't need a vet bill right now. Me and hubby haven't had full week of work in a month.

Are the meds from vet expensive if it is ringworm?

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Phoenix, CGC, SC

Barked: Sat Aug 28, '10 3:59pm PST 
My boyfriend got ringworm (which is not really a worm) from wearing a bracelet I made him (made of fabric) and it got wet/sat on his wrist...causing ringworm.

Well, he got it...then I got it. We each had one spot. We put Athlete's Foot cream on it for a week or two and it went away. Never spread and the dogs never got it. We didn't steam clean the house, either.

That's my experience with ringworm. Not sure if that's what Allee has, though.
Allee Oop!!!

I love my Mommy
Barked: Sat Aug 28, '10 4:00pm PST 
Thanks Phoenix. I did find this:
"Ringworm treatment in dogs usually is based on the use of anti-fungal shampoos or creams. In severe cases oral anti-fungal medication may be used but this has the potential to cause side-effects. In most healthy dogs ringworm may resolve spontaneously after several weeks. Treatment is needed to speed this up due to the risk of infection of humans and other pets and the discomfort that this condition can cause."

Found this site:

I actually just bathed her earlier with some antifungal dog shampoo that I got for Brodie one time.

It's ok though for me to apply full dose of frontline and give it a week or so right? Just don't want a trip to the vet we don't need, God knows I have done that many times. BOL

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Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Sat Aug 28, '10 4:35pm PST 
It does look like ringworm. I have had it before- got it from working in a preschool! It took me a couple different types of anti-fungal cream to get rid of it- no over the counter stuff worked for me! Wasn't a big deal, but was SUPER itchy! It is really important to keep it dry, so if you give her bath, make sure you dry her really well.

Whose bed?? Why- would YOU think- that?
Barked: Sat Aug 28, '10 4:35pm PST 
It's looks like yeast, which is another fungal infection like the ringworm. Give her some of Brodie's acidophilus and get some athlete's foot cream right away. If it looks better by Monday, then you'll know you are on the right track. I don't like where her top layer of skin is gone where it was scraped. Ouchy!

I should post this one as Moira. Allee's sores are in the same area as Moira's breakouts.
Allee Oop!!!

I love my Mommy
Barked: Sat Aug 28, '10 4:35pm PST 
Found this also:
Dogs that have flea allergy dermatitis are hypersensitive to the saliva a flea passes into the dog’s skin when it bites. The bite from a single flea will have a minimal affect on a normal animal, but dogs with flea allergy will experience immediate itching, redness and swelling. It is the dogs themselves, and not the fleas, that typically do the worst damage. When a dog scratches its fleabites excessively, hair loss and skin abrasions can result. Some dogs will develop circular, red, painful sores called hot spots that can occur anywhere on the skin, but commonly are seen along the back and tail base.

They can get raised circular sore w/flea allergy. I am almost certain thats what it is. It's been 4 yrs since I have read about this. BOL I hope I am right for her sake. BC I know how to deal with that.

I will let you all know if she's better in a week or so.

Lily,. just saw your post after I posted this. I will do what you said as well.

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Toto, CD, RN, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!!
Barked: Sat Aug 28, '10 4:40pm PST 
Well, to me it looks like a flea bite allergy!!! It IS redder since she was bathed and the flakey skin was removed. It is unlikely that ringworm would be in so many places suddenly...it classically starts in one place then spreads.
Allee Oop!!!

I love my Mommy
Barked: Sat Aug 28, '10 4:45pm PST 
Toto that's what I am thinking. It just freaked me out bc it was a bigger sore than the others. I know she's been acting like she did before she was diagnosed w/it yrs ago. And, it can cause similar round sores.....

Hopefully I just didn't use enough frontline and she's already due in a couple days anyway. So, I will put the full amt this time.
I kept telling my husband, 'why is allee biting her feet and itching...maybe it's the EVO she's been eating' since shes never ate it before.
Then this morning she was rubbing her face real hard on our carpeted steps and her whole body. And, it hit me that maybe I didn't use enough frontline and plus it's the end of the month.
So, I looked her over again and found the sores. The beginning of the week there weren't any on her belly.

It's weird how diff things can have same symptoms and look the same though. Red, Itchy, inflammed...etc.
It's frustrating. Ima gonna use the probiotic of Brodie's, apply frontline, and even rub some athletes foot cream on, it couldn't hurt!

Thanks so much for all your opinions and prompt responses!! Y'all are great!

I think it does look like it could be both...really hoping it's not ringworm though.

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