i think she ate the leash!

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Hi all, looking for advice -

I went to take a cocker spaniel named Bella (I'm a dog walker) out for a walk today and saw only the clip and a few inches of leash still attached to the collar when I arrived. It looks like she chewed the rest off.

I looked around the house to see if I could find any "leftovers" from the leash but didn't see any.

I'm just hoping she didn't ingest the leash. If she swallowed the leash, it would probably be at least 4 feet worth of length maybe an inch wide and made of nylon.

I'm assuming it would be a good idea to take her to the vet to see if she really did swallow it? Will that need to be taken out of her tummy or is that something that would be able to pass through her system, (I assume not)? She seems perfectly happy and healthy (now at least).

Any advice is appreciated!

*Edit* The rest of the leash was found in the backyard garden! whew!

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Yikes! Can you call her owners? They need to call their vet to see what s/he thinks. If not,do you know the dog's vet?

As an aside, why did they leave the dog with the leash on?

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Yeah, I told the owners already and I think they will call the vet. It's possible the leash was left on by accident this morning.

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So glad the other part was found.
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This is what is called a linear bowel obstruction. (a long flexible string like thing progressing through the bowels)

They NEED to take her to the vet for xrays to see if it was swallowed. As her bowels try and move it along they can tangle onto themselves then the leash can start cutting the bowels open from the inside. As you can imagine, this will be painful.

This kind of obstruction can be worse for the dog than say, swallowing a whole sock. When the bowels open inside the abdomen all the bacteria from the intestines flood the abdominal cavity. This, even with good vet care can kill a dog.

Daisy had surgery 2 weeks ago today for this kind of obstruction. Not fun at all!

I hope it's buried in a couch cushion or under the bed or something!

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Wow, I must have gotten pretty lucky with my cat in that case.

About 10 years ago I noticed my cat dragging her but on the ground & saw about 5 inches of some kinda string/shoelace coming out of her butt. My first thought was a tapeworm hangin out - wow did it STINK!

Not having internet as my 1st "go to" thing yet, all I did was slowly pull the rest out...maybe another 4 or 5 inches came out and she was totally fine afterwards.

I kinda cringe now when I think back to that.

I knew a bull terrier who has had to get a towel and a pillow removed from his stomach and I used to walk a young retriever who always had part of his bed,blanket, rope, balloon, etc in his poop ...I can't believe some of the things some dogs will eat!

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Dingo once ate a whole t-shirt - the thinner men's undershirt type. We didn't even notice he'd done it 'til it started to come out the other end. We pulled it out with no problems, but I imagine a leash would be a whole other animal, being more a more rigid and thicker material. My mom's border collie mix (Yoopie's mom) once ate a 6 foot leash and threw it up all over the couch. It had some chew spots on it, but otherwise she'd swallowed it whole. Don't ask me how she did it!

So glad it was found way to go

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One of my labs ate an entire bath towel, without chewing it up!!! We were scheduled for surgery but the barium somehow coated it and she (with my help!) managed to get it all out in one piece.