Sores from scratching because of fleas

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Barked: Tue Jun 1, '10 2:36pm PST 
Hello Tundra here My sissy and I have been scratching so bad because of the fleas that are biting us all the time that Mommy gave us a bath but it didnt help. Mommy wants to know if there is any way that she can help us heal up by giving us a bath in flea shampoo then in a medicated shampoo to help the sores heal. Or can she put the medicine on us that she uses to keep the flies off of her friends dog's ears in the summer time. It has a stuff in it that helps heal the fly bites and keeps them from getting infected would that work on us too after a bath?

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Barked: Wed Jun 2, '10 4:11am PST 
Try frontline plus, comfortis, or another flea preventative that actually works. You will need to vacuum/spray your house and yard on the same day you treat your dogs.

Having so many fleas that you are scratching yourself raw is terrible. Fleas carry disease and can even cause anemia from blood loss.
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I use Advantix monthly on my dogs. It is WAY easier to use a preventative than to treat dogs and your house once fleas arise. You can use Advantix, Advantage, Frontline, or Comfortis to both treat the fleas and keep them from coming back. Don't waste your money on flea shampoos (that I'm sure burn like heck on their sores!) There's no reason for a dog to have that bad a parasite load. I would get the dogs into the vet ASAP for antibiotics to prevent infections in their sores.


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My dogs are on Comfortis, which seems to be working well. Treat the house with a safe, natural, but really effective (24 hours in my household, and then no more fleas) treatment like Fleabusters powder ( http://www.fleabuster.com ).

Also, what's this medicine that you're using to keep the flies away? One of my dogs gets attacked by flies when she goes outside, so I'd love to know.

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Hey Penny,
We use UltraShield made by absorbine. It is really for horses but does say you can use for dogs on the label. I spray in on Pip and Briz's ears to keep the biting fly's away. You could get it at a feed or tack store or purchase online. (Note, you must keep the bottle well closed, this stuff will crawl out of the bottle if you don't)

http://www.absorbine.com/products/flycontrol/ultrashield- ex-insecticide-repellent

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You can make your dogs far more comfortable by taking them to the vet for a depo medrol injection while you are trying to get the fleas under control. This will stop the itching within 24 hrs but only lasts a few weeks so if you don't get rid of the fleas you will be back at square one in a very short time.

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Also remember vacuuming id the fleas worst enemy.
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First - Get your dog onto a good flea control. If you want to use a topical medication I reccomend Frontline, Advantage or Advantix. I would avoid BioSpot or Hartz. These topical medications can be purchased at your local vet or in some cases local Animal Products store like PetCo. Topical medications work very well in eliminating fleas but keep in mind that they require the natural oils in your pets skin to work. So they should be applied either 2 days prior to or 2 days after a bath or swimming. If you apply them to close to a bath or swimming they will not work as well.
There are also some tablets that work well in killing fleas too. Comfortis is currently the best product I have seen that is in tablet form.
OTC Flea dips and Flea collars generally don't work very well especially if the infestation is big.

Make sure ALL animals in the house are treated at the same time!

You also need to CLEAN the house. Vaccuum Vaccuum Vaccuum!!! If you have a bag vacuum cleaner - buy a flea collar - cut it up - place in bag then vacuume away! Make sure to dispose of the bag immedietly or those fleas may jump back out and reinfest house.

As for the itchiness and sores - I would speak with your vet about starting an anti-histamine immedietly. Benedryl, Claritin and Zyertec are all good for use in dogs. The anti-histamine will help bring down the inflammation in your dogs skin! Since sores are already present you may have a secondary bacterial infection going on so having a vet visit is a really good idea in case you need oral antibiotics or a cream antibiotic for the skin.
I would also consider having your dog wear an e-collar or t-shirt to prevent him from chewing, scratching and licking which is only really making the skin more irritated!

I would not go to Depo-Medrol right now. Depo-Medrol is an injectable or tablet steriod that is similiar to prednisone. Steriods have alot of side effects that can be dangerous. One is that is actually decreases your dogs immune system and when they have a parasitic infection with sores it could allow those sores to become infected further and have trouble healing. It is also very harsh on the liver and kidneys so should not be given unless recent bloodwork has shown these organs to be working correctly. It is usually reccomended to keep Depo as a last option when the chance of infection is present.

I would definetly try the other options first then if there is no improvement you can speak with your vet about using a steriod like depo-medrol or prednisone.

IMHO vets often overuse steriods like depo-medrol and prednisone and it can be very dangerous for alot of pets. Allergies should be treated with anti-histamines NOT steroids.