Are tick collars safe?

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Rocket Dog!
Barked: Fri May 28, '10 8:50pm PST 
When we got both Rocket and Angels flea/heartworm preventative it came with free tick collars and we were instructed to put them on permanently to prevent ticks.

Obviously, the dogs play and roughhouse, which leads to biting in the neck area...if they bite/lick the tick collar will the chemicals make them sick?

Ever since Rocket's seizure I've been SOOO paranoid about putting any chemicals on either dog. (Could or could not have been from advantix...we aren't 100% sure what caused it but never the less we are very careful.) frown

Code name:- Farmcollie
Barked: Fri May 28, '10 8:57pm PST 
I have heard of dogs getting VERY ill from biting a Preventic collar. If I were you, I would be cautious.

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Barked: Fri May 28, '10 9:59pm PST 
I have never used a tick collar. What specific product came with free tick collars? Do you know what the ingredients are for the collars?

Never considered flea collars to be effective. Not sure if a tick collar would work. Flea collars are good for vacuum cleaner bags, not for animal flea control.

If you are uncomfortable using the collars put them in your vacuum cleaner bag. They could kill bugs that are sucked up.

I think it's better to remove ticks soon as possible. Most products take time to kill them. The ticks have plenty of chance to attach to your dog before they are killed. I would check for them everyday and pull them out.

The collars could be dangerous depending on ingredients. It's likely they are poisonous if ingested.

I have used an herbal collar on my dog and did not determine if it was effective. It was the off-season for fleas. Never found chemical based collars worth anything other than a vacuum bag addition.


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Barked: Fri May 28, '10 11:59pm PST 
Absolutely not! Tick collars are very dangerous to dogs. They contain dangerous pesticides that can kill dogs, cats, other animals, children, and even adults if consumed! There are so many better alternatives to pesticides. Buy a natural flea/tick collar. Almost all that you will find in stores are very dangerous. Unless the product is labeled "Natural" or "Non-Toxic", it is not safe to put on your dog. I will not even touch such products myself and keep my children away from any dog I see wearing a flea/tick collar. These pesticides are highly dangerous. I use plain and cheap Diatomaceous Earth to prevent fleas and ticks on Aya and she has never had one on her. I also suggest the Anibio Tic-Clip, which I am going to be purchasing for Aya very soon. My best friend has one for his dog and it works very well.

Rocket Dog!
Barked: Sat May 29, '10 5:00am PST 
They got revolution, and I think the vet just threw in the collar as a bonus because the meds were rather expensive and because she puts a lot of stress on preventing tics. (She won't vaccinate for lyme etc, she says its better to prevent.)

It is a preventic collar. I don't think I'll be using it...don't even want to risk my pups getting sick but I want to do SOMETHING for the ticks. I wonder if the herbal collars actually work.

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Barked: Sat May 29, '10 5:09am PST 
You could use the collars when you are outside to keep ticks away and take them off inside. I would suggest talking to your vet about your concerns.

I used the collars one year, the ticks were very bad. The collars did kill or keep off ticks and we didn't have any problems with them.