why does my dog choke and gag?

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I haven't been on dogster for a long time so I don't know if the question has been addressed.
My dog Lilly has been choking and gagging alot lately and sometimes throws up brown stuff. what could be the problem? She does it randomly during the day. She hasn't eaten or chewed anything.
It sounds awful and sounds like it hurts.shrug

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Acid reflux can cause this. If she is actually producing liquid everytime I would reccomend a vet visit. I would start documenting when it happens and what happens every time then I would speak with your vet. Different things like pancreatitis, gall bladder issues or even some metabolic problems can cause acid reflux or regurging. Regurging can be aspirated (inhaled) and cause aspiration pneumonia which can be dangerous as well. Since you are not sure what is going on a vet visit seems like the best advice I can give you