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Bloody Poop, Anal Glands?

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Barked: Tue Mar 30, '10 10:24am PST 
So Romeo is being a weirdo. Since Saturday he has been pooping blood ... and I don't mean "poop with some blood in it", but the majority of what comes out appears to be blood. At least, that is what has been smeared all over his pants.

It started Saturday evening, he went out to do his business and came back in with blood on his pants. Same Sunday morning. I fasted him for Sunday, all was fine all day Sunday and Monday morning, so I gave him a teeny bit of breakfast (ground venison, which both dogs have had numerous times before). Monday he was good until the evening when he went out to poop and came back bloody. Asked to go out once last night, bloody poop again.

He isn't frantic about it, not asking to go out or anything. Just when he happens to poop, it is mostly blood (bright red, not the coffee grounds stuff). He's in a fine mood, playing with Gio, eager to train, drinking normally, peeing normally, interested in food, though not eating much because I haven't been giving him much. Though whatever I offer gets scarfed down right away.

If this were JUST poop, then I wouldn't be worried, but the blood is what is throwing me off. So I took him to the vet this morning and she is just about as stumped as I am. She says his stomach feels fine on palpation and since he isn't hunched or acting uncomfortable she doesn't expect an impaction or anything. (And he hasn't eaten anything lately that would cause an impaction, anyways.) Her best guess was either an abscessed anal gland that has ruptured inward (apparently this often looks bloody), or a parasite issue. But with parasites, she said it is often blood streaked poop, not pooping pure blood.

So she checked his anal glands, one was empty and she emptied the other one. Said it was quite full and it sure did stink to high heavens! And prescribed a dewormer. I don't deworm unless I see worms or eggs, so he hasn't been dewormed in at least 3 years since I have had him. Anyways, he's had his dewormer pill and his anal glands are empty. I know what to look for in the case that this is a worm issue. But I have next to no experience with anal glands.

Has anyone had a dog that had/has anal gland issues? Abscesses? Can it really look bloody like this? Once the glands are emptied, does it generally clear up on its own? Anything I should or shouldn't do?

I know to look for the scooting and butt nibbling to indicate a problem, and I don't think Romeo has been doing this, but maybe I am misinterpreting? He will often scoot after a poop, but I always thought that was him trying to get rid of Klingons. And he will nibble at his bum now and then, but it is never to a point where I would have expected something out of the ordinary.

I'm stumped. He's acting perfectly fine, a regular bouncy annoying little bugger, like usual. If it weren't for the blood coming out his rear end, he would be perfectly normal! haha
Takoda CGC

Barked: Tue Mar 30, '10 10:55am PST 
If it is pure, bright red bl0od, it would have to be coming from near the anus and anal glands certainly could be the culprit. The one that was empty might have been the one with the abcess, it ruptured and the bleeding was right near the anus. If it was bleeding further up, the blood would be diluted with the poop and mixed in with it.

It doesn't sound like he is bothered by this so maybe it's been taken care of. Hope so.