Mood changes during heat.

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Vivace has been in heat for almost 2 weeks. I know this is normal and that she is entering her fully heat at this time. I'm just wondering if dogs change how they act during this time. She has been nuts the past few days. Not sure if she is just settling in to being in her new home or what. In the house she is calm but wanting to go to our male dog all the time. Outside she is just bonkers. Last night she wouldn't listen to me at all and ended up pulling my bad shoulder out of place.

This is something new to me as I always had spayed dogs before and only once had to deal with a female in heat.

Our male is neutered so no opps litters will happen. Vivace came to me at the start of her heat and we aren't sure about breeding her at this time. As it is something I'm not even going to think about until she is at least 2 and has earned her title and had a heath check done. But I'm am leaning more towards just having her spayed.

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Don't worry, it gets better. The heats as young ladies are always the worst (just like people smile ). Sometimes a bitch can get a little "bitchy" during her heat, some don't. It all kinda depends on the dog herself, the environment she lives in, and her socialization. If you're having trouble with her listening and behaving right now, I'd venture to say it has more to do with her young age than her cycle.

Breeding is a lot of work and a lot of responsibility! It's not a decision that should be made lightly. You would have to be committed to each and every puppy for the entirerty of each puppies' life. On the other hand, if she's a stellar girl who passes all her tests, etc, and breeding is something you would be up for, puppies are great. Just don't make any rash decisions in a moment of frustration. Spaying is forever.

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Thankfully Vivy is not on the crabby side of things right now. She was getting along with other dogs before she came to me but grumbled at my friend's dog last night when we let them meet for the first time. So she might be a tad crabby. So far she is a cuddle bug that is craving our attention at all times.

We aren't racing into making a choice to spay her or not. I'm just not sure at this point if I'm going to breed her or not. It is something that will need a lot of though and such.


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Lilly went through her 1st heat 1 wk before her scheduled spay, her tempermant changed quite a bit. She was much crabbier, didn't want to play with the other dogs at all. As soon as her heat was over she was back to normal, then she was spayed shortly after

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Thanks Lilly. That would explain the getting moody around another dog last night. We will wait until she is out of heat for them to meet again.

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I have never met a dog with PMS till my parents Eskie Aba. Normally she is a very sweet, though timid, girl and just wants to be held and for you to play with her. Toys are the answer to ALL Aba's problems. When she goes into heat She gets all moppy and depressed and hordes all her squeeky toys, grooming them and carrying them around like puppies. This is also the only time she becomes obsesively toy agressive. She will charge my male yorkie but never actually hurt him but still, she has snapped at everyone else in the house who has happend upon one of her "puppies"

Edit:: I love your doggie :3 GSPs are the best!!!

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