Neighbor's dog has mange

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Rubber Chewing- Duckie
Barked: Tue Mar 2, '10 7:05pm PST 
It appears my next door neighbor's dog has some skin disease, possibly mange? That's my guess, there's no way to tell and I didn't ask. Whatever it is, I am of course worried about my dog.

We share one side of a chain link fence. They don't play together or come in contact. My dog actually won't go within 5 feet of the fence. Anything I need to be worried about?

Sun Worshipper
Barked: Tue Mar 2, '10 7:26pm PST 
It depends. There's two types of mange, Sarcoptic which is highly infectious & Demodex mange which isn't highly infectious. So if the dog DOES have mange if depends on what type.

But the dog may have some other skin disease.

Also, I think it would be wise to ask the neighbor about the dog. If their good dog owners they might know and have already gone to the vet and gotten a diagnosis and treatment, but it's better safe than sorry. If they do know then apologize and explain that you were just concerned about your dogs health and I'm sure they'd understand.

(are you friendly neighbors? and do they usually treat this dog well? good food, water, shelter, ect.?)

Cookie Monster
Barked: Wed Mar 3, '10 6:58am PST 
If you are afraid of offending them trying to find out what's wrong, if you ever chat with them, you could sympathetically ask if the dog has allergies, and then they might honestly tell you yes or no. My cat is very allergic to fleas, and will lose his fur and get ugly scabs all over him from just one flea. I have to be very careful about not missing his flea meds or he gets miserable.