Multiple sires mating?

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I was browsing through some upcoming litters of puppies, and I came across a litter of whippets due later this year. This is what the breeder had to say about the mating.

" We are going to attempt out first multiple sires mating, so both my boys shall go to Snap (the dam).

It is a first for us here at Nabihah and we look forward to positive reuslts.

Snap is due in season in the early months of 2010. Please watch for updates"

I've never heard about multiple sire mating before. Is it a common practice that breeders use? Just wondering, confused i thought it was kind of odd. How do you know who your baby daddy is?

In all serious I'm not trying to sound like an idiot. I'm just genuinely curious as to how this process works, and why someone would do it???
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Multiple sires is a practice used when the breeder has a prized bitch and would like to use several different sires. The pups and both sire and dam are tested via DNA and thus the sire of each pup is identified and they can be properly registered. Breeders look at this breeding as a real positive step in the breeding of purebred dogs for several reasons, one of the best being that they know longer have to subject the dam to having two litters in order to do breedings to different sires. This is important for the health of the dam. It is also useful when using frozen semen. By using the frozen semen as well as fresh semen from a living dog, you would have a better chance of getting a litter from the breeding, since frozen semen is still not 100 %.

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Oh wow thanks thats' really interesting!
I knew litters could have multiple parents but all the cases I've heard of that are irresponsible unspayed dogs.

So do the fathers get an equal spread of the litter like 50% sire A 50% sire B. Or does it work some other way?

Genuinely curious now thinking

ETA: Does that also mean that more show quality dogs could be produced per litter?

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In the cases I've known about there were usually way more from one sire than the other, for some reason. We all hope it means you could get more show quality pups per litter, but that is the luck of the draw and not really a factor in doing it.

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So basically its just like having 2 litters, but at once

Thanks for explaining