Can You Get Worms From Your Cat or Dog?

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Constance has worms, and I think she caught it from killing and partially consuming a stray cat. I know, sounds terrible, but I didn't catch her until it was way too late. Anyway, she has worms now and I'm wondering if I can get them from her. It is making me nervous. I love her very much, but I haven't been wanting to let her lick my face or let her lick my hands or anything like that. She looks sad when I push her away, and I don't want to upset her, but I also don't want to get worms.

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How do you know she has worms? Are you seeing them in her stool? If you can she likely has tapeworms as they are the most visible worm in stool. Other worms tend to not be noticeable and require a stool sample be brought to the vet to detect. Tapeworms require a specific dewormer which is available OTC but the vet can also give you the med. Your dog could have gotten them from the cat if she ingested the stomach but it could also be that she picked up fleas from the cat and ingested an infected flea. That is usually how dogs get infected with tapeworms, from ingesting an infected flea while they itch. Cats are notorious for getting them because they groom themselves so thoroughly. Taffy had tapeworms from fleas that came from a stray cat the breeder rescued when I got her. I went up to petco and bought d-worm tapewormer (same chemical as the vets use) and treated her with that. We haven't had any reoccurances of the infection once I figured out that regular puppy dewormer wouldn't work. we had a more recent flea infestation and I dewormed her with it again as a precaution once the fleas were under control.
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Intestinal parasites are passed species to species most frequently by fecal oral contact IE if you eat your cat or dogs poop you can get their worms! Sometimes this is different. Tapeworms are usually recieved from eating fleas and much harder to pass patient to patient. There are also cases as explained below of larval migration

Tapeworms are pretty difficult to pass this way and often the tape worm your cat gets cannot survive in humans. Round, Hook and Whip worms are easier to get and can actually be transmitted through skin contact with the worms. This usually happens with children in snad boxes, kitty goes potty in sandbox, kid plays in sand box, kid gets larval migration (ie roundworms actually migrate into human eyes this way). This is one of the major arguments against dogs on public beaches because in the 60/70/80's kids at area beaches especially in FLA and Southern US where still getting infected because people where not picking up after their pets.

This is not to scare you I promise. Practicing safe hand washing and not allowing yourself to be licked should prevent any chance of you acquiring the worms your pet may have.
Check out the CDC fact sheets
Roundworm in Humans
Tapeworm in Humans
And this is from PetPlace about your cat
Tapeworm in Cats

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You are not going to get worms from letting your dog lick your hands and face. Tape worms can be gotten from swallowing a flea, eating an infected animal, or eating infected droppings.

Take a stool sample and the dog to the vet. It is pretty easy to get rid of worms, but you need to get the right medication, and retreat in a few weeks.
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When we adopted Wisp from the shelter she has a full blown case of roundworms, she actually had a full adult in her stool. Roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms are zoonotic, so yes a person could become infected. Roundworms can actually make a person go blind among other things.

I'd take her to the vet to get her treated before letting her love on you though. I know it's tough, my hubby and I didn't let Wisp give us kisses either and she got the same sad look you are talking aboutfrown but we got rid of her worms and now she is better and can cuddle with us again.
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Can't speak on worms, but Pammie gave me Sarcoptic mites on my left calf. They only lived about 3 weeks. They were VERY ITCHY.....AAAAAAAHHHHHGGGGG!

and yuck too...

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Worms are such a pain! I know people can get roundworms. But, humans are not a biological host of roundworms. I don't think you can get pinworms. Most dogs get worms from meat.

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Clifford, you might want to research that more. Most dogs don't GET meat. Worms are picked up a number of ways. Hookworms from walking on infested ground. Eating material infested with the right stage of roundworms and whipworms can infect you. Worms often have a complex life cycle with specific hosts at each stage. If you handled or ate a tapeworm segment you wouldn't catch a tapeworm, that form isn't infective. You have to eat a flea carrying the right stage.

There are plenty of worms that can be caught by eating meat. Trichinella is one of the most famous. It is passed along by meat eating animals eating infested meat. For me to catch trichinosis from my dog I would have to eat her. NOT going to happen!
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While it's harder to pass worms from canine to human, it is relatively easy to get parasites like giardia from your dog. She can cuddle and lick, but I would wash your hands after any interactions like this and be careful not to put your hands around your face either.

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Roundworms can come from many different places. People get roundworms all the time.