How Long Should a Dog Be on Pain Meds After Spaying?

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My boyfriend is having his puppy spayed tomorow and is kind of worried. She is 7 months old and has already had one heat. Is this too old or too young? The vet said that any dog can be spayed or neutered at any age as long as they are at least two pounds. We were at the vet last Monday and he told us that he will send her home with pain medications and to just give them to her whenever she seems like she is in pain. He didn't really give us a time period on how long to keep her on the medications. Anybody who has had their dog spayed or neutered before, I would really love some insight. My boyfriend is more worried about the medicine, but his little puppy going in for surgery is what worries me. Thoughts and advice are super appreciated!

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If she has already had one heat, now is the perfect time to have her spayed. And if she is a little dog, she is probably done growing already at 7 months.

The pain meds might come with their own instruction sheet. When Maggie was spayed (at 6 months) she came home with Rimadyl for pain control. I think it was one pill with breakfast, one with dinner. She didn't seem to need it after the first day, but we gave her all the pills anyway. She was her normal happy self 2 days after major surgery! We tried to keep her from running and jumping for the full 10 days the vet said, but only managed to keep her kenneled for 5- she was going crazy in there.

Dogs bounce back from surgery much faster than humans usually- one or two days of being grumpy and slow, then business as usual. Don't worry about the dog, spaying is routine for vets and complications are rare.
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Give the pills at least for a few days even if the dog doesn't seem to need it! Dogs are VERY good at hiding pain, as this is in their instincts!
A spay is a big surgery so you can be she will be feeling some pain!

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It's a piece of cake---I promise you!! I had mine done December 1, and was 6 months on December 15. I never had my first heat. I am a bouncing hyperactive boxer with lots of energy and stayed on Rimadyl for 5 days. I was walking on a leash for short walks the 3rd day. I had no problems at all, and was back walking my full walks on the 5th day. I had no stitches showing, they were inside. They put glue on the outside and mom is so amazed that the scar is almost unseen. Actually I never slowed down much at all. Mom is so relieved that it is behind us now. There was never any redness or irritation on the outside. I am a licker and really there was nothing there to lick. You will do fine. Do make them have a little pitty on you and get some extra treats and snuggling. Man, that kind of sugery was really worth it. I got lots of extra love and treats, now I'v got to figure out how to keep all the extra goodies coming--I was treated like a queen---felt like one, too. The pain meds were exactly what I needed, cause I didn't hurt the entire time.Keep us posted as to when you will have it done and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

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Vets will usually give a shot of pain meds at the end of surgery. That usually lasts about 24 hrs. I've never needed to give after care pain meds for any of my dogs or cats. They've always done just fine. They are always up and playing the next day. The hard part is getting them to stay calm and not play too hard.

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I 100% agree with Allee Oop. Spay surgery is a big and intensive surgery and all dogs will be in some kind of pain or discomfort following the surgery.

Missy was on Rimadyl aswell and we completed the course of pills.

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Boo only needed her pain meds for about 3 days. She was just fine. Just remember to keep the collar on her so she doesn't get to the sutured area. Keep her quiet of jumping, running, etc., for at least a week. The first day or two she's not going to want to bounce all over the place anyway.

Congrats on the spay. Your baby will be better off and healthier over all.
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Generally a non-steriodal anti-inflammatory like rimadyl, metacam, deramaxx or etogesic is reccomended for 2-5 days post surgery and is really imperative to the healing process of a spay IMO. The inflammation surrounding the spay site can be the most painful part. A spay is a routine surgery but that does not make it not painful. It is abdominal surgery. Most vets have become very skilled at them (as they are so often performed) and can maked very miniscule incisions which cuts down on the tissue damage caused by the scalpel and instruments but the body will try to help heal by causing inflammation around the surgery site. Using the NSAID will not only keep your dog comfortable but it will also help her heal faster!