Staph infection after surgery?

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Barked: Fri Dec 25, '09 10:19pm PST 
Today I checked my email and our vet from VHUP finally returned Lilith's lab results from her left knee. We went for a 4 week post-op radiograph last Friday and he was worried because one side seemed not to have healed according to plans and it seemed swollen. So we had it drained and flushed out and the results sent to the lab for a diagnosis.

Lilith and I left for Japan the Tuesday after. I just received lab results via e-mail today; Lilith has a Staph infection in her one leg. Before we left the doctor had given us 3 weeks' supply of Clavamox, 62.5 mg twice a day (which seems pretty heavy).

I did a bit of research on staph infections and most of the results were either skin infections or infections in humans. Lots of accounts seem really scary (like the person got organ failure and died) or other scary things like puking, feeling sick, etc.

I'll admit that although Lilith is back on 4 legs, she has marked discomfort and pain. It is 5 weeks today since her surgery.. she has had 3 surgeries already on her knees so I understand if her recovery is slower, though. Since her Clavamox regiment, her swelling has gone down (but not entirely).

Has anyone else had experiences with staph infections after surgery?

I'll probably be replying late, but thank you for any and all experiences.
Sallie Mae

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I developed a staph infection after back surgery. I am Sallie Mae's human mom, bol. It took strong antibiotics IV to clear it up, and the meds did give me lots of stomach problems during treatment. I had one of my dogs tested recently as she has a small blister-like area inside her ear that didn't respond to clavamox. It was not staph, but prior to the test results coming back, I had a long talk with the vet. Some staph does not clear with a lot of the antibiotics as they have become resistent to them. It may take a different one to do the job. How's Japan? Hope you are having a good time and Lilth improves. Keep us posted! Take lots of pictures and post them on her site. Lucky dog--gets to see Japan!!cheercheer
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Sorry, Lilith, no experience with this, but did want to just say that I hope you will be feeling better soon!

Happy Holidays!


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Hi! How it clears up for you. Working with Staph patients at the Nursing Home, and there was a lot of them, you wash your hands a lot. We wore gloves. I sure hope it heals up for you. Thats to bad you had to get infection on top of everything else.

Best wishes, Hope your having a nice time otherwise. We got 18 inches of snow over Christmas!

Happy Holidays!