Skin Problems /Sores/ Losing Hair

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I really need some help please. We picked out our dog from the pound in Feb and by June he has started having small growths on his body he itches constatntly.
I have taken him to an allergist and they say it may be airborne??? Not sure??? Not food!!!
He is losing his coat now in winter his hair is getting thinner and thinner. His appetite is great actually hungrier. I give Porter two benadrlys to help wiith the itching and I dont know if it helps? I put probiotics in his dry brand"blue" fish dog food . We don't buy inexpensive food it is a high qulity food and we don't give table scraps.
I have gone to different vets and they give me h antibiodics and antithisiamins and those do much plus I don'y like giving my dog a buncg of pills. I think I have tried the gammit, so can anyone suggest what else I can try?
I feel very bad for my dog I NEED TO FIND a solution. I love him dearly. I know you dog lovers understand me.cry
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what specifically are you feeding him? Sometimes food really can make all the difference, and even if you are feeding a high quality food, your pup could still be allergic to something in it.

Otherwise, I would seek out a specialist dermatologist or something. And you may have to do a round or two of antibiotics to rid your dog of secondary skin infections that arise when I dog has allergies due to scratching and biting themselves.
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You might want to try a different antihistamine (Claritan/Zyrtec etc) under the direction of your vet, not all dogs respond to Benadryl. 1 of my chihuahuas does the other doesn't. Adding Salmon Oil or other Fatty Acids helps a lot with allergies as well as a Limited Ingredients Diet such as the Natural Balance ones (Venison, Fish, Duck etc). Are you bathing the dog in a special shampoo? My chihuahua gets bathed in an allergy shampoo once a week, she gets so bad she is on steroids and antihistamines, she also has to have a steroid spray to keep her itchiness down on her legs.

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I have 18 years of memories of rescue dogs from the southren states to call from.....Even if the skin scraping is negative it is most likely Sarcoptic Mange.

The mites cause intense itching, worse in the morning and early evening. Hair loss and pimple like "bug bites" and "skip tracks" were the mites are irritating the skin, usually the belly, inside legs, neck under the collar, bridge of nose.

Sarcoptic mange mites can be transfered to humans and surfaces as well as other animals. I got them from Pamela. Drove me mad with itching. We did skin scrapings more than once and she kept coming up negative, but they were there, so Vet treated on symptoms. Thank-goodness!
Revolution and Salicylic acid shampoo were the treatment.
Pamela - - - Adopted!!!!

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Benedryl dosage is up to 1 mg per pound, for Pamela who was 57 pounds I gave her 2, 25 mg tablets or a total of 50 mg. It did not make her sleepy. I suspect Porter weighs more than 75 pounds, so could take 3, 25 mg tablets.

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I would run a complete thyroid panel, just to be sure.