Bump between toes???

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Barked: Thu Oct 22, '09 10:48pm PST 

About a week ago I noticed Jasmine was licking her rear right foot a lot, and when I took a look up close there was a bump between the main pad and the far left toe. By that point she'd gotten it bleeding and scabbed over. Since it was on the bottom of her foot, and she wasn't limping, and we've only had her a few weeks [etc] we didn't notice it and really have no idea how long it'd been there.

It started going away, and is almost gone, but now she's got another bump in between her first and second toe on her front right foot on the top. It's even spreading her toe's apart a little bit, but she doesn't seem to notice it's there. She hasn't been licking at it and isn't limping. If I touch it she has no reaction at all other than the general ticklish feet.

I read some other things online saying it could be from allergies or ingrown hairs or something along those lines... does anyone have any idea/experience about what I'm dealing with?

I can get a picture if that'll help but at the moment all I have is the webcam and that doesn't take the best pictures.

Barked: Fri Oct 23, '09 9:11am PST 
Cooper had itchy bumps between his toes that drove him mad but they weren't big enough to separate his toes.

I changed his diet (after researching, here because the vet had no answers after spending $100's on tests that confirmed nothing, and concluding it was likely due to a food allergy) and put cortisone cream between his toes to control the itch until they healed up, helped immensely.

I'd say start with the vet and see what they say.

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Barked: Fri Oct 23, '09 11:19am PST 
I don't think she needs it though, she doesn't even seem to know it's there.

I've been thinking she might have some kind of food allergy... to what is anyone's guess. That's what I get for buying a 44lb bag of food for the new dog I suppose naughty


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Barked: Fri Oct 23, '09 2:19pm PST 
It may not be the food. It could be carpets or flooring that are causing the allergy, if thats what it is! It does sound like allergy.It could be something like fabric softener if you use that or something you wash floors with, investigate everything.dog

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Barked: Fri Oct 23, '09 2:32pm PST 
Are you sure it's not a tumor or growth? Having just had one removed from Sam's foot, I am a bit paranoid, but just checking. Sam's honestly started out looking like a small bald patch and kept growing. It looked more like a wart then a tumor (shows what I know wink ). Or a bite or sting? Anything big enough to separate the toes would bug me. Oh, and on a side note, Sam never bothered his tumor, either. And he did catch it on something and tore part of it off one day so that it scabbed over. (this is part of what prompted me to take him into the vet- I kept thinking if it's really a wart it wouldn't bleed like that).

Xena's been bitten by black widow's twice. And both times resulted in hives and huge lumps (where the bite was) and a vet visit.

Try solving for allergies first, but if that doesn't work, you're definitely going to want to get it checked by a vet. Or, if it appears to be growing or spreading or you notice any other signs of illness (Xena was very tired and really didn't feel well after the bites).

On a side note, did you know that while dogs can survive a black widow bite, it is almost always fatal to a cat?! I learned that in my pet first aid class! Glad we have pest control now!