Evan isn't eating! (after teeth extraction)

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Barked: Sat Sep 12, '09 8:49pm PST 
So, I was at work all day so my boyfriend fed the dogs.
I was really excited to hear about Ming eating her whole sardine and knew Evan was going to love his NV lamb medallions.
But he said Evan didnt eat a bit. Just picked the medallions up and spit them back out.
I fed him this same meal yesterday with a little bit of ground pork and he loved it.
I thought maybe he didnt eat it because it was too cold (Evan just had five teeth pulled!).
I put it in a baggie and ran some hot water over it.
I tried again and NOTHING. Wouldn't eat a bite.
The only thing I could get him to try was bread. Just regular wheat bread, I put some of the meat on it and made him little sandwiches.

He is currently on Amoxicillin and Rimadyl (I know this can cause liver damage but its just a short period and I gave him half the recommended dose).
I was wondering if anyone had experience with these drugs and if maybe not eating is a side effect. I read that amoxi can cause nausea... maybe his stomach hurts???

Any advice would be lovely.

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Maybe his mouth hurts to chew? When Kady had her tooth extracted she would only eat very soft foods. She eats and LOVES her Orijen, but even that soaked in water was a no go. Being part hound not eating is not usually an issue, so this was totally unexpected. I finally found that she would eat canned food Wellness 95% or Natures Variety Homestyle were her favorites. She got a post-op infection so she was on canned food for an entire month, OMG - EXPENSIVE!

I can't remember what painkiller Kady used post-op. I'll try to find my receipt. I know it wasn't Rimadyl. Kady has HD, and when I first found out our vet at the time prescribed Rimadyl. Not wanting to eat was her first reaction to the drug, and it went on from there. You may want to check with your vet about using something else instead of Rimadyl?

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I have a Chihuahua named Bandit, who had a few teeth removed about 6 months ago! Your dog is probably just really sore from the extractions. When Bandit had this done, he was eating dry food, mixed with a little warm water to soften up the kibble the next day. It took him a little longer but once he got started, eating dry food with a little water, did not seem to bother him. After 1 week, he was eating the dry food without the water mixed in. My vet instructed me not to give soft food to Bandit, because of the bacteria that could get into where the tooth was extracted could cause Infection. Have you tried adding some warm water to the kibble, to make it a little softer to chew? I also wanted to tell you that you are right about the Rimadyl causing Liver Disease in dogs. My Chihuahua Gigi, when she was almost 1 year old, had slipped on the ceramic tile playing with my other Chis and ended up breaking her little leg in two places. She was put on Rimadyl for 2 months. She got the Liver Disease from the Rimadyl, even when she was on it for such a short period of time. The Liver Disease did not show up on the bloodwork, until many months after she was off the Rimadyl. The vet did not inform me at the time about the risks of Rimadyl and if I would have been told of the risks, I would have never given her that medication in the first place. Gigi was never sick a day in her life, before she contracted Liver Disease from the Rimadyl. Please consider asking your vet to put your dog on a safer medication that doesn't have these risks. I would really hate to see the same thing happen to your dog, because of the Rimadyl. I for one, will never give my other Chi's Rimadyl for any reason ever again. I don't trust it ! You are supposed to trust your vets advice and I trusted my vet that I had at this time and Gigi died because of it.! Gigi was only 2 years old. You can't imagine the heartbreak and the guilt I feel because if the vet would have only told me of the risks, this would never have happened and my sweet baby Gigi, would have still been here, right by my side today! Since this happened I have never taken any of my Chi's back to this vet and have found a new vet.

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He is currently on Amoxicillin and Rimadyl (I know this can cause liver damage but its just a short period and I gave him half the recommended dose).


He just had teeth extracted.

He's got painkiller prescribed by the vet, and you're giving him HALF the recommended dose.

And you wonder why your dog isn't eating.

He's. In. Pain.

Have you ever had teeth extracted? I have. I was on Percocet for a couple of weeks--and eating only very soft foods for most of that time.

Give your dog his pain meds--what the doctor prescribed, not what online hysterics give you permission to use. Yes, Rimadyl for long-term use can damage the liver, but this is, as you have noticed, a short-term use. But the liver is a very forgiving organ, and the damage has to be extreme before the liver won't recover when the source of the damage is removed. There's no reason not to give Evan the full recommended dose--and you're witnessing the reason for giving the full recommended dose.

And serve him only soft food--canned food, soft-boiled eggs, things that require little or no real chewing.

Let his mouth heal.

ETA: Is he drinking water? If not you need to get him to the vet for fluids. And if you're not going to give him the Rimadyl at its proper dosage because you're not comfortable with it, talk to your vet about a different painkiller that you will be willing to give at the proper dosage.

Gigi, what's your evidence that short-term use of Rimadyl caused the liver disease that didn't present unti, your words, "many months" after that short-term use? Everything has risks, but the risks from short-term use of Rimadyl are quite low. Do you use Tylenol for yourself? Or ibuprofen? Those are NSAIDs, too, and have the same risks, but when it's us, we give serious consideration to the importance of relieving the pain in the short term, as well as the long-term potential risks.

How many people here have had their wisdom teeth out? Did you use pain relief for that afterwards? Would you have wanted someone to say No, or arbitrarily reduce your dosage because of the long-term risks, without considering the pain you were in?

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I think Evans mouth is probably sore. Id feed wet food for a little while. Will be alot easier to eat.
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Give him all his pain meds! Sabrina was in a lot of pain after each of her tooth extractions, and needed the pain meds. We had two pain meds, tramadol and another one that I can't remember- oh and traumeel which is a holistic supplement with arnica etc in it that is also supposed to help with pain and inflamation. She got the full dose of tramadol until we ran out of it (which was about a week, maybe a week and a half), and for the first few days she also got an extra pain med on top of it, and whenever she appeared to be in pain. Sometimes you may not think your dog is in pain because you may not know the signs. Look for them holding their head stiffly, pulling back the corners of their mouth, their face or neck being tense, unwillingness to eat or play or drink etc. THese are signs of pain.

Additionally he may be nauseous from the anesthesia and antibiotic. Are you giving a probiotic? You should be, you can get one at any health food store. You want to restore the good flora of the intestine, as the antibiotic just kills all the bacteria in the body regardless of if they are good bacteria or bad bacteria.

You may need to entice your pup to eat for the first few days post surgery, we did with Sabrina. We used canned fish, meat baby food, slightly searing the outside of her meat etc. We had to do this for about 3 or 4 days post surgery each time until she stopped being so nauseous. You may want to offer more frequent smaller meals during the day, too, this can also help with the nausea.
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Gotta agree with the majority. Give him his Rimadyl or call and get a different med. He hurts. Poor baby. As for your loss of Gigi with liver disease, it could have been anything. One thing I learned after Pokie was diagnosed with epilepsy and I was diligently trying to get him healthy is that the little Chi's can have problems with diets that are too high in protein. Their little livers can't metabolize things as well as larger breeds. There could be any number of causes for Gigi's untimely loss, but doubtful it was any sort of delayed reaction to the Rimadyl. I give it on occasion to Jasper, our Wheaten, because he is arthritic, but then only a day here or there. As others have said, I believe it's fine for short-term pain relief. Hope Evan can get back to his normal healthy self soon.

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Addy - I think you have a good point. After I posted this last night I gave Evan another Rimadyl. Seeing him in pain makes ME hurt.
Evan has never had to be on pain meds before so I am sure this one time wont be a big deal, just being paranoid.
He has been drinking plenty of water.
Evan is on a raw diet so soaking kibble is a no go.

Sabrina - Canned fish is an awesome idea. Evan looooves salmon!
Also, he has been on probiotics. I have been giving them everyday.
I definitely think he is nauseated because he usually loves to eat!

Thanks everybody for the advice, I will heed all of your warnings.
Evan is getting his pain meds from here on out.
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That's great! I hope he's doing better.